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For an artist, playing the Grand Ole' Opry is special. Though each artist has a different experience, each of them has expressed how meaningful this experience is to them personally. For John Berry, performing within the circle on the Opry stage is still amazing to him.

While sitting in his dressing room, we spoke about his first experience on that stage and how it felt to be there once again. To think about the artists that have been in the very room we were sitting in is still overwhelming to me. I cannot begin to imagine the level of emotion that floods through each artist as they take the very stage their idols have in the past.

Berry and his lovely wife Robin were both very welcoming and fun to speak with. We shared stories off-camera that had us laughing and smiling. As many fans know, Robin has been known to take over Berry's social media from time to time. During one of her take over sessions, she managed to get some great ideas for a song on Berry's new album, What I Love the Most. To hear all the details of how that moment took place, watch our full conversation.

Berry and I continued our conversation about his music, and what he does to keep from losing his voice. To my surprise, we both share very similar stories with our vocal cords. For the first time, I was able to share my experience with someone who understood the level of pain and frustration that comes with this particular medical condition and treatment. Watch our conversation now to learn more.

Be sure to follow Berry on social media and head over to his website for his list of performances. He is always busy and likely to be found singing somewhere near you soon. If you pay close attention, you might even find him pop up unexpectedly at a small and intimate club somewhere. If you happen to see him, tell him I said "hello". ~Missy


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