Press Release: Big Machine Records Releases New “Nashville” Soundtrack March 10

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NASHVILLE, TN (February 24, 2017) – Following last night’s jaw dropping episode of CMT’s hit TV show “Nashville,” the cast is picking up the pieces and looking ahead to new storylines and songs. THE MUSIC OF NASHVILLE, SEASON 5 VOLUME 1 soundtrack will be available at digital retailers worldwide Friday, March 10 on Big Machine Records. The collection features the wide array of the music heard throughout the current season and is available for pre-order today. Fans can purchase a physical copy exclusively at and will receive two bonus tracks for digital albums.

Since the show’s 2012 debut, Big Machine Records has released eight “Nashville” soundtracks. The music has collectively sold more than one million albums and five million single-track downloads with over 200 million streams to date.


1. “God Shall Wipe All Tears Away” | Rhiannon Giddens
     Arrangement by Tim Lauer
2. “Your Best” | Lennon & Maisy
     Written by Claire Guerreso
3. “All Of Me” | Clare Bowen & Sam Palladio
     Written by Phillip LaRue, Tim Lauer, Lindy Robbins
4. “Simple As That” | Charles Esten
     Written by Kalisa Ewing, James LeBlanc, Brad Tursi
5. “A Few Steps My Way” | Joseph David-Jones
     Written by Gareth Dunlop
6. “My Favorite Hurricane” | Connie Britton & Charles Esten
     Written by Jillian Edwards, Jake Etheridge
7. “Burn To Dark” | Chris Carmack
     Written by Jake Etheridge, Garrison Starr
8. “On My Way” | Hayden Panettiere with Jonathan Jackson
     Written by Paige Blue, Thomas Finchum, Chance Peña
9. “Won’t Back Down” | Jonathan Jackson
     Written by Trent Dabbs, Matt Dragstrem
10. “Sanctuary” | Charles Esten, Lennon & Maisy
      Written by Jill Andrews, Gary Nicholson, Sarah Siskind
11. “Close To The Fire” | Joseph David-Jones *
      Written by Keelan Donovan, Brian Loschiavo
12. “To Make You Feel My Love” | Maisy Stella *
       Written by Bob Dylan
*Amazon Bonus Tracks – Digital Only
EP. 509 ITUNES TRACKS AVAILABLE NOW – Air Date: February 23, 2017

1. “To Make You Feel My Love” | Maisy Stella
     Written by Bob Dylan
2. “East Iris” | Maisy Stella
     Written by Tim Lauer
3. “A Life That’s Good” | Charles Esten, Lennon & Maisy Stella
     Written by Ashley Monroe, Sarah Siskind

“Nashville” airs Thursdays at 9:00P ET/PT only on CMT. Don’t forget to join the conversation after the show during “NASHCHAT,” a CMT Facebook Live series, hosted by radio personality Amy Brown (@RadioAmy) at 10:00P ET here:
Fans can see cast members Clare Bowen, Chris Carmack, Charles Esten, Jonathan Jackson and Sam Palladio out on the road when they return to Europe for a June tour across Glasgow, Birmingham, London, Brighton, Nottingham, Manchester, Dublin and Belfast. Tickets and other details available here:

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