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In my line of work, I meet and speak with artists almost daily. I enjoy building relationships/friendships with them. Sometimes I am blown away by how much we actually have in common, being that I cannot sing or really play an instrument. When I met Marla Cannon-Goodman, it was like I met my long lost twin.

Starting off, we sat backstage at 3rd and Lindsley watching another journalist interview Deborah Allen. We immediately got along and realized we were alike in several ways. What we did not realize until we were on-camera, was exactly how much we had in common. 

From the age of our daughters, to writing poetry in school and participating in the marching band, it seemed as though we lived the same life. The big difference between us is that she started out her career as a nurse, while I just saw them during routine hospital and doctor visits. 

During our conversation, we shared a few laughs and my eyes got big a few times when I realized we were so similar. Now, for those of you who are not familiar with this brilliant songwriter, let me clue you in. Maybe you have heard the song "The Fool" by  Lee Ann Womack, or "Rock On" by Tucker Beathard. Goodman co-wrote both of these chart topping songs along with several others.

Now, also serving as a board member for the Hank Cochran PEN Fund Non-profit organization, she is able to help make a difference in the lives of fellow songwriters who have faced a battle with cancer. Watch our conversation now to learn more about her role and what they do. I am so proud of this woman, this cause, and all those who have helped support it. ~Missy


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