Conversations with Missy: Hank Cochran PEN Fund Series, Jimmy Fortune

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If you are just now joining our Hank Cochran PEN Fund Series, this is our fourth day of coverage. While sitting backstage at 3rd and Lindsley, I was able to have an extremely fun conversation with Jimmy Fortune.

Many of you know him from his 21 years with the Statler Brothers. We spoke about his time with them along with how that opportunity arose. Unlike any story I have been told before, Fortune shared with us the exciting yet very unfortunate way he got his start. His story is one that I could relate to, so it was easy for me to understand how he was able to step in as a member of the Statler Brothers. You will have to watch our full conversation for details.

From his start with the Statler Brothers, to his hit songwriting and stunning stage presence, Fortune captivates his audiences at each performance. Whether his audience is in the same room or sitting at home watching him on YouTube, Fortune delivers deep emotion with the power to draw tears from your eyes. How do I know this exactly? As I sat and watched his video for "How Great Thou Art", I began weeping as if I could hear GOD telling me that he loved me and would take care of me. There is just something special about the way Fortune is able to deliver a song.

Imagine if legendary artist Vince Gill joined forces with Fortune to record a powerful and moving song. I can picture myself with tear stained cheeks as those two angelic voices sing like the angels in Heaven must. Honestly, you do not have to imagine it at all, as Gill did join Fortune on the album Hits and Hymns to sing one of the most powerful and beautiful hymns, "Amazing Grace".

While Fortune and I continued our conversation, he shared some surprises with us. Watch our full conversation now, to hear what this phenomenal artist has been up to. Let me just say, I cannot wait until the Spring. For now be sure to grab your copy of his release Hits and Hymns, gift one to a friend, and then follow him on social media to stay up to date with all he has coming up. ~Missy


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Jimmy Fortune Tour Dates

04/13/2024 : Tomball, TX: Tomball, TX
04/14/2024 : Lantex Theater: Llano, TX
04/19/2024 : Rudy Theatre: Selma, NC
04/20/2024 : Rudy Theatre: Selma, NC
05/13/2024 : Brothers of the Heart: Franklin, NC
05/14/2024 : Brothers of the Heart: Greeneville, TN
05/15/2024 : Brothers of the Heart: Lancaster, PA
06/21/2024 : Waynesboro, VA: Waynesboro, VA
06/22/2024 : Chuck Mathena Center: Princeton, WV
09/02/2024 : Paden City Labor Day Celebrati: Paden City, WV
09/11/2024 : Three Tennessee Tenors: Listowel,
09/12/2024 : Three Tennessee Tenors: Fethard,
09/13/2024 : Three Tennessee Tenors: Naul,
09/14/2024 : Three Tennessee Tenors: Ballybofey,
09/15/2024 : Three Tennessee Tenors: An Cabhán,
09/27/2024 : The Mansion Theatre for the Pe: Branson, MO
09/28/2024 : Keepin It Country Farm: Waynesville, OH
10/10/2024 : The Mansion Theatre for the Pe: Branson, MO
10/17/2024 : The Mansion Theatre for the Pe: Branson, MO
10/24/2024 : The Mansion Theatre for the Pe: Branson, MO
11/01/2024 : The Mansion Theatre for the Pe: Branson, MO
11/07/2024 : The Mansion Theatre for the Pe: Branson, MO
11/14/2024 : The Mansion Theatre for the Pe: Branson, MO
11/21/2024 : The Mansion Theatre for the Pe: Branson, MO
11/22/2024 : Meramec Music Theatre: Steelville, MO
12/06/2024 : Ohio Star Theater at Dutch Val: Sugarcreek, OH

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