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With their sophomore album, Obsessed, releasing in June of 2016, Dan + Shay knew that they had something very special to offer up to their fans.  The first cut off the album, “From the Ground Up”, became the new essential wedding song or the one that everyone was wishing they would have had to play at their wedding.  This song is a typical “Dan + Shay” song, meaning that they have become known for the feel-good, upbeat, happy ending stories in their lyrics. 

The second single, which released in September of 2016, “How Not To” is a bit of a detour for the duo.  This is one that, while Dan + Shay did not write it, they have always contended that the music speaks for itself and if it is a good song, that is what matters, not the credits.  In fact, this song has been sitting around the industry for a while and even country mega stars, Rascal Flatts, had it on hold to cut at one point in time.  If that were not enough, this cut was not even really a contender for this album, until the last minute.  As they say, in everything there is a time and a time for everything.  Personally, I believe this song was waiting for this duo to be ready to take a chance on it as much as trusting the fans would support a song with a darker vibe than is the norm for the guys. 

There are a few things we know for sure in country music, especially, and that is if you are true to yourself as an artist, true to your fans along with releasing music containing lyrics we can all relate to, and touch us in some way, the cherry on top, is a video that takes it to an entirely different level. 

The much-anticipated music video for “How Not To” was released last night at 8:00 p.m., after weeks of teaser video clips as to what the concept would be for this song.  No one expected it to take the turn that it did and for so many I think this video may speak louder than the song originally did at its release. 

The subject matter is raw and extremely emotional.  The director, Patrick Tracey, as well as the actors, Pierson Fode’ and Katie Stevens, all did an outstanding job. They were able to tell this story and take the viewer on an emotional and powerful journey.

Take a few minutes and watch the video below.  This is one that you will be talking about and sharing with your friends. 



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