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During the 1960’s, music was making significant changes that the world would later recognize as one of the most memorable music eras. Tommy Roe is one of the great artists that helped pave the way for many pop artists we know and love today.

Roe is an extremely talented artist who has both written and co-written as well as recorded six Top 10 hits between 1962 and 1969.  That accomplishment holds the record for that period, earning him a lot of respect in the music industry. Part of Roe’s career includes four RIAA Certified Gold Records, successful singles (“Sheila” and “Dizzy” hit number one on the Billboard chart), 11 records made the Billboard Top 40 and the list goes on.

Roe has been affectionately given the name “Father of Bubblegum Pop”. During our conversation, I had to ask him about this title. He chuckled as he explained what led to the title he has earned. I did not expect, nor was I prepared to hear his response. I had never heard the music of the 1960’s described quite the same by anyone else, though it made so much sense to me. Please listen to our full conversation to find out what I mean.

Roe has since taken a different turn with his music, that has him in the spotlight once again. His new style has enabled him to display his true abilities as a singer/songwriter, and the fans are loving every bit of it.  From past hits to old songs with a new twist as well as his new style, combined, has once again set Roe apart from others in the industry. He remains a leader and trendsetter in the music world.

One of Roe’s recent achievements is the new release of his autobiography, “From Cabbagetown To Tinseltown”. We discussed this title as it encompasses where he began in Atlanta, GA., where he is now, and everything in between. This book captures who he is and what it took to get to this point in his life. Roe is one of the most down-to-earth people I have ever had the pleasure of speaking with. Please go listen to our full conversation now and get to know the man known as the “Father of Bubblegum Pop”. Follow him on social media and be sure to grab his latest EP release Memphis in Me, his latest single "What If's and Should Have's" along with all his past hits. ~Missy


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