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When it comes to acting, I am always intrigued. Maybe it is because I tried to film a commercial at a young age and failed miserably. Maybe it is because, by the time I was able to succeed with a full day of filming on set, I learned about the amount of effort that goes into filming each scene. What fascinates me the most about acting is the ability each actor has to make you believe their emotions are real. James Kacey does an exceptional job portraying his characters. 

One of the first things I wanted to talk with Kacey about was the music video he starred in for Justin Timberlake's "Mirrors". I have heard that acting in music videos can be challenging, so I wanted to know what this experience was like for Kacey. I am glad I asked, as I think that the hard work that goes into these videos is often overlooked. Hearing how many crew members were involved and the amount of time it took to film this one video was shocking to me.

As we continued our extremely fun on-camera interview, Kacey shared a very funny moment between him and a co-actor turned friend, Caleb McDaniel. McDaniel is responsible for introducing Kacey to Center Stage Magazine and for that we owe him a giant "Thank You". Kacey and McDaniel shared many fun moments on the set of AMC's docudrama The Making Of the Mob: New York. We then discussed a photo that I had seen of Kacey and McDaniel on set which led to Kacey explaining the "chilling" story behind it. We could not help but share some more laughs. Be sure to watch our full conversation for all the fun. 

As we continued to sit inside of Kacey's lovely home, it felt as though we were already great friends. His warm smile and welcoming personality were so refreshing. I immediately felt like I could talk to him about anything, so I had to bring up Bon Jovi. I warned him previously that I might, so this was not really a shock to him. Again we laughed and continued having a spectacular time together.

Please watch our full conversation now to get to know this incredibly talented actor. We finished our conversation by talking about some of his latest projects including a movie titled Ace the Case which stars Ripley SoboLev Gorn, and Susan Sarandon. Stay tuned for more information on that as well as his latest upcoming projects and more by visiting his website now. ~Missy


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