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My review of “Journey of Dreams”, which tells the intimate story of the band Morphine, was published last week and in that review, I described a deep connection I felt with this story and with the woman behind the scenes, who not only contributed greatly to the success of the band but was also a close friend of Front Man, Mark Sandman.  I am humbled and honored at the same time to be able to chat with Ms. Deborah Klein, who was Morphine’s manager from 1991 until Sandman’s unexpected death in 1999.

I invite you to take a listen as she reveals details about this journey that they experienced together, although, uniquely different for each of them, including how it continues to impact her today.

Klein provides a very interesting and very personal recount of how these two equally creative, yet head-strong individuals began their story, from the first time they met to how she is forever grateful to Sandman and what he gave her, by simply taking a chance.

Find out what made Morphine different, in Klein’s opinion, what contributed to the success of Sandman’s uniqueness in his creativity and why she feels that the “three-piece band” sound touches people so intensely.  What made “this” so magical and unlike anything else out there, then and even now?

Klein discusses being concerned if the documentary would even work and why she says that when the idea was first brought to her, she was not sure what to expect and she recalled wondering “if you weren’t a fan of the band, would anybody even be interested in this story?”.

Klein has remained in the music industry as a Partner and Manager with Primewave Entertainment. She talks about what she looks for in her clients, what she has learned from her experience with Morphine and with Sandman, specifically, that continue to affect her even today.

Finally, with all the “noise” created by this documentary and the tribute bands, including Vapors of Morphine, which features the original members Dana Colley and Jerome Deupree, Klein offers a very clear and steadfast opinion, on how she feels and what she is certain would be Sandman’s reaction, about the continuation of his dream to a whole new set of listeners.

With a quick P.S., here, Klein also reveals a fun fact about Sandman and his feet.


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