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The first time I saw comedian Andrew Kennedy perform was on Norwegian Cruise Line’s Jewel.  For an hour and a half he kept approximately 950 passengers laughing. He was hilarious.   I laughed so much I had to buy his DVD. At that time, I got to meet and speak with Kennedy. He is not only innately funny, he is real, humble and he truly likes his fans. He spent time with passengers on board and gave a hug to many. He had a smile for just about anyone who came over to talk to him. Some may say this comes with the job, but I think it is more about who he really is. 

Kennedy, Columbian born and bilingual, is the middle son to a Columbian mom and British father.   His family lived in various countries before settling in the United States. He uses his background as the basis for his hysterical routine about his life and the diversity of people. He laughs at himself and his family with good grace. His use of accents and impersonations only enhances the comedy in his routines.

Kennedy’s second show on the Jewel was an adults only show.  I was a little apprehensive because I expected it to be raunchy as so many other comic routines are.  I was pleasantly surprised.  Not only did he talk about real-life situations that we all could relate to, he did it without all the four-letter words we have become accustomed to hearing all the time.  It was refreshing to laugh and not be bombarded with foul language.  That is the mark of a true entertainer in today’s society.

When he is not performing on cruise ships, Kennedy hosts various corporate parties, has a Comedy Central spot, does commercials, and live shows.  His new comedy album, Almost Black is available on iTunes and Google.

I was able to catch up again with Kennedy in early July.  He headlined five shows at Stand Up Scottsdale, in Scottsdale, Arizona.  Stand Up Scottsdale is a much smaller, more intimate comedy club setting than a cruise ship accommodating only about 105 people though the reactions of the audience were the same.  Everyone had a great time and enjoyed lots of laughs. 

Since boarding the Jewel, Kennedy and I spoke several times about doing an interview for Center Stage Magazine.  We finally had the chance to sit down and talk after his first show at Stand Up Scottsdale.  I hope you enjoy it. Be sure to watch now for more on this talented comedian. ~Ellen Ann


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