Conversations with Missy: Honey County at the Troubadour

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Watching females in country music gain more recognition and radio play has been exciting for many country music fans across the country. While we know quite a few remarkable ladies in the industry, the fact remains that there are far more male country artists than female artists being played on today’s radio. Honey County is part of the change to get more female artists heard on more airwaves.

As a Go Country 105 radio station fan, I was elated when they started playing the song “99 Bottles.” Though I did not realize who was singing at first, I knew I needed to find out. Discovering who this female band was, led me to becoming an instant fan of Honey County. Their voices and style are simply remarkable. There is no doubt in my mind that this sultry trio will be gaining many new fans at each of their shows.

The truth is, the success of this band did not happen overnight. These girls have been working hard, writing great lyrics and connecting to people. Dani Rose, Leeann Skoda and Devon Jane together just makes sense. After just 6 months of playing together, this hot trio was picked as semi-finalists on the popular VH1 show “Make a Band Famous”. With their first single “Blood from a Stone”, the girls encountered the success of having their music featured on HBO’s hit show True Blood. Gaining local airplay from Go Country 105 is just another step for the girls in what promises to be an amazing career in country music.

Having the opportunity to witness these girls perform at the legendary Troubador in West Hollywood, California was thrilling. Watching the girls open for Tyler Rich in front of a crowded and energized audience, brought a proud smile to my face.

The sky is truly the limit for these beauties and as you will see in our conversation, they are sweet, fun and completely genuine. Grateful for all they have accomplished so far, these girls are committed to keep chasing their dream and connecting to fans. Center Stage Magazine is so excited to be a part of watching their amazing journey. Thank you girls for allowing us the opportunity to chat with you. We wish you all the best.

Please take a moment to follow this incredible trio on social media now. Grab yourself a copy of their self-titled debut EP and stay tuned for more. ~Missy


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Honey County Tour Dates

07/13/2024 : The Basement: Nashville, TN
08/12/2024 : Run For A Million : Las Vegas, NV
09/18/2024 : Yellowstone x Dani Rose x Amer: Nashville, TN

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