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Great music combined with fantastic artists makes for an amazing interview. While in LA for a music-filled weekend, I had the opportunity to interview 3 of the 4 outstanding guys of 3 By Design. Kevin “KJ” Hicklin, Frank Mullis and Jon Goodhue have an undeniable chemistry. Their music is full of familiar influences, leaving fans excited to hear each track.

With the release of their latest EP Enemy, the guys have been hard at work playing shows and promoting their new music. Lucky for me, they made time in their schedule to accommodate mine and agreed to an interview. During our conversation, we spoke about the many musical influences they have between them along with who it was that brought them together. If you are a fan of real rock, then you absolutely need to give these guys a listen. Watch our full conversation now to hear who these influences are and so much more.

The fascinating thing to me about these 3 artists is how incredibly down to earth and fun they are. We laughed, shared stories and even tried some bar tricks. Actually, it was Goodhue that displayed his talent at the bar as he knocked over a beer and graciously caught it upside down to continue drenching the floor and nothing else. In my opinion, that is pure talent. Not one of us got the beer bath that is expected when a full beer bottle takes a dive off of the bar. Thank you for keeping me from the beer shower and saving my shoes.

All kidding aside, these guys are the real deal. Their songwriting skills, vocal abilities, stellar guitar riffs and insane drum beats will have you hooked. This is the music rock fans have been longing for. When combined with their remarkable stage presence and phenomenal personalities, 3 By Design is sure to capture your heart and leave a lasting impression as one of the best rock bands of today.

Please follow them on social media now and make sure you get your copy of Enemy today. Let me know which song is your favorite. For me, it is a tie between “Deep” and “Man at the Wheel”. Do not forget to send them a shout out and be sure to tell them I sent you. ~Missy


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