CMA Fest Artist Spotlight: Josh Goodlett

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Many of you may remember our next CMA Fest Artist Spotlight from a previous Conversations with Missy. Josh Goodlett is one of the nicest artists we have had the pleasure to meet. Thanks to the Iceman, we have been able to capture more of these amazing artists at this year’s CMA Fest.

We caught up with Goodlett backstage in the green room at Alley Taps for another on-camera conversation. The energy was great and everyone was happy to be there. Watch our conversation now to hear all that he has coming up and what this experience was like for him. Be sure to check out this sneak peek of his bio (taken from his website) below.

“Country singer Josh Goodlett says he likes artists who are the “real deal” - artists who believe in themselves, perform music that is sincere and heartfelt, and who connect with the fans.  While he seems quite unaware of it, Josh is describing himself.

Goodlett is a natural singer who grew up in a musical family, and he’s been “singing since before he could talk.”   While ability is key to succeeding in the music business, willingness to work hard is another essential element.  Josh was born willing - a native of Northern Kentucky and Southern Indiana farm country - he grew up rising before dawn for chores and singing in the church choir on Sunday mornings.

“I fed calves before school, helped my grandpa and uncles in the tobacco fields, and worked for one of my uncles on a dairy farm,” he says of his boyhood in Taylorsville, Kentucky, not far from Louisville.  “I’m no stranger to what country folks have to do in terms of getting up in the morning and working hard.”

During his rural upbringing, Josh never considered music to be anything more than a part of everyday life.  However, the response he received after singing “Amazing Grace” as a teenager at his grandfather’s funeral changed that notion.  He learned that he could move people with his voice, and became interested in making a go of it as a performer.  It would be years before he would strap on a guitar and start writing Country songs, but when he did, it came to him just as easily as singing did.”

We absolutely love this artist and know that you will too. Please follow Goodlett on social media now and stay up to date with the latest news by checking out his website. Watch our full conversation for more on this fantastic artist. ~Missy


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