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Growing up in Arkansas, Blane Howard was surrounded by country music. At an early age, his mother bought him a special green and blue plastic guitar that actually had strings and allowed Howard to make sounds as he strummed. Little did his mom know, that purchase was going to encourage her son to pursue a career in music.

During our conversation, you will hear Howard and I laugh a lot. My recording technology quit recording our first conversation after only three seconds in, so I had to make the dreaded phone call of shame and ask Howard to have a second conversation with me. He happily agreed.

Howard has opened for many great artists, which include Blake Shelton, Joe Nichols and Trace Adkins, to name a few. While speaking about his experience with Shelton, I could hear the excitement in his voice all over again and quite literally as this was the second time I heard it. This experience really left an impression on Howard. Listen to our fun conversation to hear why.

When speaking with Howard, I had to ask him about a special fan. During my research, I came across a video of an 83 year-old, Billy Parks. Parks is a huge fan and what Howard did for her was amazing. The video had me in tears. After seeing that sweet video, I had to ask about it. The story itself was very rewarding. You have to listen to our conversation to appreciate it as much as I do. I know it will move you just as much as it moved me.

With CMA Fest 2016 just around the corner and shows this weekend, Howard is busy rehearsing in preparation for them. Squeezing in a second conversation further proved to me that he really is an all-around nice guy. In fact, tonight (June 3, 2016) is the night that Howard is playing for the Children’s Miracle Network at his alma mater in Arkansas. Giving back is very important to Howard and he encourages others to do the same.

Howard's debut EP Bout Time has been recently followed up with his first full length studio album Away We Go. Listen to our conversation to learn more about the surprising differences between these two experiences. His latest video for his single “Crazy” is sure to make you laugh as it is full of natural reaction and funny results. Yes, listen to our conversation now to find out what I mean.

Then go follow Howard on social media and download his latest release Away We Go. Stay tuned for more with this artist. Center Stage will be catching up with him again soon. ~Missy


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05/31/2024 : Fort Scott Good Ol' Days : Fort Scott, KS
06/01/2024 : Blane Howard Live - 4th Annual: Garden Plain, KS
07/04/2024 : Country Backroads Music Festiv: Savannah, MO

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