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May 13, 2016, was a gorgeous day. The sun was shining and it was a Friday, Friday the 13th. I knew it was going to be a great day in Hollywood. Nestled in the hills is the great HOLLYWOOD sign, attracting many tourists from afar who want to capture a photograph of it. Knowing that this iconic city was the perfect place to host my conversation with Phil Leavitt of 7Horse, finding the right location seemed overwhelming. That is when it hit me, the Hollywood Bowl.

After researching the area, I realized that this location was indeed the perfect setting for our conversation. Now, to get there. What my camera operator and I did not realize, was that in order to have the famous Hollywood sign in the background, we would need to hike to the very top of the Hollywood Bowl seating area.  We sucked it up and worked our legs to the very top. My concern, Leavitt would not be happy.

Leavitt texted me to let me know he was on his way, so I immediately texted him back and said to bring water as it was quite a hike up the stairs on an extremely warm day. As soon as he arrived, he was able to quickly scale the stairs to the top without issue. I may or may not have been a bit jealous that it seemed so easy for him. Regardless, we were there. We made it to this beautiful location.

Speaking with Leavitt was fun. He is real and passionate. When discussing the latest release from 7Horse, Livin’ In a Bitch Of a World, Leavitt was quick to talk about the title being appropriate to the current state of our world.  The songs contained on this album are the result of hard work and a desire to keep it real while being edgy, bluesy, full of rock and entertaining as hell.

We spoke about their cover of “Staying Alive” by the Bee Gees. Talk about shaking that song to its core. 7Horse took this song and completely rocked it out. Watch our conversation to find out the interesting story behind this song getting recorded and placed on the album.

One of the musical influences you will hear on this album are none other than the Rolling Stones. On tunes like, “Two-Stroke Machine,” you will hear a catchy beat that you will not be able to let go of along with a storyline that is intriguing. Stay tuned for this song to be hitting the airwaves soon. These guys are no stranger to success with their masterful lyric writing and musical abilities. You may remember their hit song “Meth Lab Zoso Sticker”, which was featured in the Martin Scorsese film The Wolf of Wall Street. Scorsese personally chose this song and since then the song has had over 1.1 million views, 4 million streams, and over 100,000 downloads.

The April 15, 2016, release of their latest CD Livin’ In a Bitch Of a World is sure to gain them many new fans. One new fan in particular, Michael, was excited to hear all about our upcoming conversation. Our camera operator, Kristin, shared the music of 7Horse with him and he became an instant fan. This is what it is all about. Bringing the music of independent artists to as many people as we can, is our focus at Center Stage Magazine.

Get to know 7Horse for yourself. This rock duo featuring Leavitt and Joie Calio will leave you wanting to hear more. Grab their CD today. Follow them on social media and stay up to date on what they have coming up for their fans, including tour dates. Watch our full conversation now and discover for yourself why you need to check out what 7Horse has to offer. Treat someone else as well. You never know who you will make happy by sharing the music of 7Horse. ~Missy


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