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Starring as Gunnar Scott in the ABC musical drama series Nashville, Sam Palladio has gained quite a few fans across the globe. This young British actor also plays alongside Matt LeBlanc in Showtime’s Episodes in a recurring role. Fans from all over were excited to see Palladio perform songs on his own at the popular Stagecoach festival in Indio, California.

Palladio packed the Palomino stage to capacity. Nashville fans were overjoyed and screaming with excitement as their beloved star rocked the stage with his stellar performance. Palladio showed that he is more than just an actor that can sing duets. He commanded the entire audience that spilled onto the outside grass area in what was one of the most energetic performances of the day. The entire tent full of people was blanketed with euphoria.

During my conversation with Palladio, I was immediately enchanted with him. His charming accent is very alluring. Thankfully I am a professional, otherwise, I might have just stared at him like so many other female fans would. He was fun and open about his career. I asked him if he felt being an actor on Nashville has helped feed his own music career. Be sure to listen to our full conversation for his response.

One of the things I love about Palladio is that he is himself. He was not afraid to mingle with the crowd while supporting the artists performing on the Mane Stage during the festival. We even caught him dancing, showing everyone he knows how to have a good time. His appreciation for his fans is incredible and refreshing to see. He even gave a special shout out to one of his biggest fans, Miss Pat. There is no doubt in my mind that Palladio is going to have a long lasting career. His talent level is through the roof and I am excited to see what he has coming up next.

Please be sure to follow Palladio on social media if you have not yet done so, and do not forget to tune into Nashville every Wednesday on ABC at 10pm 9 Central. Until next time…~Missy


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