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In life, I have met many people with a unique story to tell. Some have been sad while others have been funny. I have heard of miracles, challenges, triumphs and love. When I met James Michael Miller and his wife Sherry, I heard an incredible story that the world needs to hear.

Born in Chicago and raised in Arkansas, Miller had a childhood similar to others. Riding down the road with his mom singing “Que sera, sera” at age seven is something many can relate to. Miller’s mother could sing well and showed him that music was beautiful.

At 13 years old, Miller sang backup for Cory Cruise before becoming an Elvis impersonator. Listen to our full conversation to hear what this experience was like for Miller and how it came to be. Be sure to also check out the video attached of Miller singing one of Elvis’ greatest songs.

Miller has not had the easiest road to travel during his career in music though he continues to try. Meeting his lovely bride on Facebook, Miller was quick to tell me that GOD blessed him with a wonderful woman. Her faith in Miller is breathtakingly beautiful. Knowing Miller had no car, money or home, Sherry did not care. She wanted to be with the man and artist she fell in love with and was determined to make it work.

The Millers have continued to love each other through every challenge they face together. They may be living in their 2010 Jeep, but they have found a love and bond in one another that is the strongest I have ever seen and it continues to grow.

During Miller’s musical journey, he has had the opportunity to record and release the song “Internet Highway”, which is the story of how he met his wife. He has performed at CMA Fest, been in movies and television shows. With all these experiences you may be wondering how the Millers ended up living in their Jeep. Their story is full of ups and downs, twists and turns, love and faith.

This story deserves a book deal. There is so much I could write. For now, please listen to this entire conversation. Let it sink in. Look at your own life and see where you can make a change. Learn to be patient and kind with others. We all have battles. We all face challenges. We are not all as loving and faithful as these two remarkable souls. I am blessed to know them and honored they chose me to share their story with the world. I urge you to show your support. Follow them on social media. Send a message and better yet, encourage others to do the same. ~Missy


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