Spencer Crandall A Country Star Rising

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I recently spoke with a new up and coming artist who caught my attention for his clear and powerful voice. After listening to him for a while, I believe Spencer Crandall will be someone to watch for in the country music industry. 

While checking out artists and doing research online, Crandall's music videos (country covers) kept popping up on my screen, so I decided to take a listen. He did not disappoint. Check out our audio with him to hear which social media channels you can explore to hear and like for yourself. He may have already covered one of your favorite artists. I found he is absolutely great with everything he does. His strong voice carries into any song and he proves he is not gender bias when it comes to covering today's top hot artists.

Be sure to listen to our interview to find out which award-winning, hot female country singer/songwriter/musician he also covers. Crandall shows he can definitely hit the right notes and can really carry a tune.

Hear how he got started and how his genius idea of covering great artists helped give him a quick leap to putting out his own personal music. Crandall is not just a singer. He is a songwriter and musician whose covers have been spot on and have opened several doors for him. He has received a few shout outs from some of the actual artists themselves for his great job covering their music. Click on our audio now to hear which top artist gave a shout out to Crandall for his exceptional work. 

Following his self-titled debut EP, Crandall has released his new EP One Two Three Mix Tape. Listen to what has led to the exciting news of Crandall playing a three day, sold out weekend event at the Lyric Theatre in Los Angeles. Find out who he opened for and who actually contacted him for the gig.

I am Dilly Brigs and I wish Mr. Crandall all the best, in his new adventures of being a rising country star. Thanks for the talk. We will definitely watch for you on stage. 


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Spencer Crandall Tour Dates

07/14/2018 : Rhythm on the river : Longmont, CO
07/26/2018 : Country Crossings Music Festival : Central Point, OR
08/11/2018 : Logan County Fair : Sterling, CO
08/26/2018 : The Hudson Gardens & Event Center : Littleton, CO
09/14/2018 : Tin Roof Louisville : Louisville, KY
10/04/2018 : Tin Roof Cincinnati : Cincinnati, OH
10/05/2018 : Tin Roof : Indianapolis, IN

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