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Finding independent country artists as well as new and undiscovered talent has been the focus of Center Stage Magazine. How do these artists gain an audience on their own? For some, they are blessed with being in the right place at the right time, for many others there is Bobby Golomboski, aka The Iceman Radio Show. 

Giving an independent artist a shot by giving them a platform is what it is all about for The Iceman. "Help them, they help you." Playing their songs on his radio show has made a big difference in the lives of many artists. His radio show is by no means something to sneeze at. Broadcast in 144 countries via the internet as well as terrestrial radio stations, people all over the world are listening to the sounds of these extremely talented independent country artists.

The Iceman hosted his first on-air show in February 2013. Though he jokes his mom was his only audience, he never gave up on his dream. This one-time financial planner has a unique personality that is infectious and fun. Being a Polish/Italian from Rhode Island, The Iceman is not messing around. He is focused and driven, determined to help these artists get a fair shot in the country music world. 

During our conversation over the phone, we spoke about how and why he got started hosting his own radio show. The passion he has for these artists is beautiful. We spoke about one band, in particular, Marcus Lindsey Band. From the first moment I heard their songs, I knew they were far more deserving than what they were getting. Little did I know, The Iceman himself felt the same way. Our conversation became really exciting as we spoke about some amazing things coming up for the Marcus Lindsey Band. In fact, I was given the exclusive, official announcement that The Iceman will be inviting the Marcus Lindsey Band to perform at this year's CMA Fest in Nashville. Congratulations Boys. 

Please listen to our conversation now. Get to know The Iceman. Follow him on social media and get to know the bands/singers he is promoting. There is so much amazing talent out there and The Iceman is committed to bringing us more. Enjoy. ~Missy


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