NCMA Fest 2016: The Iceman Live From Alley Taps

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Now that we have wrapped up our CMA Fest Artist Spotlight series, I want to introduce you to the man behind NCMA Fest, the Iceman himself. Causing quite a stir in Nashville, the Iceman delivered an important message to everyone. During our conversation, the Iceman laid it all out for everyone to hear. Watch now to hear why this event is important to not only him but to all independent artists. 

Check out this sneak peak (taken from his website) below.


The LEADER in New Country Music, and where to go when you want to hear the best New Country Music first! Broadcasting at 9AM EST/8AM CST, THE ICEMAN is live with the ICE IN THE A.M. SHOW!  Great music and entertainment like only THE ICEMAN can bring it.  No other morning show on THE PLANET brings the best and most new country artist and their music like THE ICEMAN.

Raising the bar and setting the standard for how New Country Radio Artists are heard around the world!"

Now that he has shaken things up in Nashville, what is next for the Iceman? You will have to stay tuned to find out, so be sure to head over to the Iceman's radio show and check out all the amazing artists he is playing. I have met many of these talented musicians as have you if you have been watching our CMA Fest Artist Spotlights. Stay tuned for more. On behalf of Center Stage Magazine, we thank you for supporting all these wonderful artists. ~Missy


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