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During a night of filming at the Wild Horse Saloon in Nashville, Center Stage Magazine met Davis Branch. Playing Bass for Lauren Ashley, Branch was sitting in the green room waiting while another act performed. We began chatting as I was waiting as well and ok, maybe I was eating too. Little did I know, Branch and I would soon become friends and he would later introduce me to another fabulous up and coming Nashville star, Nick Hickman.

Hickman made the move from Knoxville to Nashville, to pursue his career in country music. He has the drive, motivation and perseverance needed to succeed. Watching him anxious to learn more and asking questions from established songwriter/singer/producer Nick Sturms was a special moment for Center Stage Magazine co-founder Tommy Lemon and me. This artist will no doubt achieve his goals with his hard work, outstanding talent and the right guidance.

His latest release, “Tailgate Dancefloor” was co-written with Branch. During our conversation, we spoke about his newest single that has recently made its way to radio. Hickman’s excitement and enthusiasm, while we spoke, were contagious. I am so excited about the future for this artist and what it will mean for his fans.

Hickman’s video for “Summertime Southern Style” (released in May 2015) is also very fun. He definitely knows how to entertain. This single is available on iTunes and will soon be released on a three song EP. I already have my copy, and you do not want to miss this one. It is fantastic.

Please watch our conversation now. Get to know this awesome artist with a yearning for more. You will love him immediately. Follow him on social media, subscribe to his YouTube page and send him a message with your feedback. Thank you all for supporting these great artists. ~Missy


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Nick Hickman Tour Dates

01/20/2022 : Ole Red: Nashville, TN
01/21/2022 : Tin Roof: Myrtle Beach, SC
01/22/2022 : Tin Roof: Columbia, SC
01/23/2022 : Ole Red: Nashville, TN
01/24/2022 : Ole Red: Nashville, TN
01/27/2022 : Ole Red: Nashville, TN
01/28/2022 : Tin Roof: St. Louis, MO
01/29/2022 : Tin Roof: St. Louis, MO
01/30/2022 : Ole Red: Nashville, TN
02/04/2022 : Red Rock Saloon: Madison, WI
02/05/2022 : Outlaws: Ames, IA
02/10/2022 : Private Event: Nashville, TN
02/11/2022 : Tin Roof: Raleigh, NC
02/12/2022 : Share House : Charleston Crossroads, SC
02/13/2022 : Uptown Social : Charleston, SC
02/17/2022 : Share House : Charleston Crossroads, SC
02/25/2022 : Champs: State College, PA
03/04/2022 : Tin Roof: Raleigh, NC
03/05/2022 : Tin Roof: Myrtle Beach, SC
03/26/2022 : Share House : Charleston Crossroads, SC
03/27/2022 : Uptown Social : Charleston, SC
04/02/2022 : Skooters: Shorewood, IL
04/08/2022 : Tin Roof: Delray Beach, FL
04/09/2022 : Tin Roof: Delray Beach, FL
04/10/2022 : Tin Roof: Delray Beach, FL
04/23/2022 : Share House : Charleston Crossroads, SC
04/24/2022 : Uptown Social : Charleston, SC
04/29/2022 : Red Rock Saloon: Madison, WI
04/30/2022 : Narrow Bridge : Green Bay, WI
05/20/2022 : Hickory Tavern: Hilton Head Island, SC
05/21/2022 : Share House : Charleston Crossroads, SC
05/22/2022 : Uptown Social : Charleston, SC
05/27/2022 : Tin Roof: Columbia, SC
05/28/2022 : Tin Roof: Raleigh, NC
05/29/2022 : Tin Roof: Raleigh, NC
06/04/2022 : Bristol Republic : Columbus, OH
06/10/2022 : The Gardens : Arnolds Park, IA
06/11/2022 : The Gardens : Arnolds Park, IA
06/16/2022 : Share House : Charleston Crossroads, SC
06/17/2022 : Tin Roof: Myrtle Beach, SC
06/18/2022 : Tin Roof: Columbia, SC
06/19/2022 : Uptown Social : Charleston, SC
06/25/2022 : Sunnyhill : Bolivar, NY
07/02/2022 : Skooters: Shorewood, IL
07/14/2022 : Share House : Charleston Crossroads, SC
07/15/2022 : Tin Roof: Raleigh, NC
07/16/2022 : Tin Roof: Myrtle Beach, SC
07/17/2022 : Uptown Social : Charleston, SC
07/23/2022 : Harbor House: Huron, OH
08/11/2022 : Share House : Charleston Crossroads, SC
08/12/2022 : Tin Roof: Columbia, SC
08/13/2022 : Tin Roof: Raleigh, NC
08/14/2022 : Uptown Social : Charleston, SC
09/03/2022 : Private Event: Tuttle, OK
09/10/2022 : Bristol Republic : Columbus, OH
09/15/2022 : Share House : Charleston Crossroads, SC
09/16/2022 : Tin Roof: Myrtle Beach, SC
09/17/2022 : Tin Roof: Columbia, SC
09/18/2022 : Uptown Social : Charleston, SC
09/24/2022 : Wedding: West Okoboji, IA

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