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If you are an avid music lover, you will constantly be on the search for new talent. That is our focus at Center Stage Magazine. We seek out new artists that belong on the radio and on every iPod, MP3 player, you name it. With the help of singer/songwriter/producer Nick Sturms, we met Hannah Goebel.

Goebel is an artist that stood out to me immediately. Her voice is strong and powerful, yet it is her ability to sing a cappella that enchanted me. It is chilling. I can sit and listen to this remarkable artist for hours. In her videos on social media, she simply sings anywhere. Her passion for her craft definitely shines bright.

Singing R&B and Soul comes easy for Goebel. Her ability to cover artists such as Adele and Christina Aguilera will leave you in awe. Those abilities also make me a bit envious. During my conversation with Goebel, we spoke about her abilities as a vocalist and what made her decide to follow this path to Nashville.

I was intrigued by her story. Living in the world today, people seem to be less trusting of others. That is not the case for Goebel’s family. Watch our conversation to hear the story behind her risky move to Nashville. I must admit, I am not sure if I could do what her parents did.

Please go follow Goebel on social media and watch her videos. Her original song “Myself” is available for you to listen to now. As far as her plans for what is next, go watch our fun conversation to find out what she is working on now.

I would like to give an extra special thanks to Sturms. Many of the on-camera conversations have been filmed in his studio and without him, we would not be where we are today. We look forward to a long lasting friendship and partnership with you. ~Missy


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