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Growing up with a Classic Rock influenced father, Elvis-loving mother and a Johnny Cash fan as a grandfather, you are simply brought up with the best that music can offer. Combine that with being born and raised in Philadelphia, PA. and you get Stephen Schriner. 

During my conversation with Schriner, I realized that his personality alone will capture anyone's interest. He was fun, real and open about his career, life and his different phases of music. We spoke about the first concert he attended and immediately I made a fool out of myself. Listen to our conversation to hear what took place during that funny moment. I still laugh when thinking about it.

Schriner has a video posted of him singing a cover of Luke Bryan's "Kick The Dust Up." This is a song that took awhile to grow on me, so I was not expecting to love it. I was wrong. I did love it. Schriner was able to take this song and make it his own. I enjoyed it much more than the original and have watched it several times now. Listen to us speak about this particular cover during our conversation.

His debut single, "Mix It Up" was released on February 15, 2016. Fans have been showing their love for this song on social media and Schriner wants your feedback too. He is encouraging fans to log onto his website to listen to his song and leave feedback for him. What are you waiting for? He is ready to know what you think.

I like to ask artists if they want to say anything else to those who are listening to our conversation. To hear the special message that Schriner has for fans, listen to our complete conversation now. Be sure to follow him on all social media outlets and subscribe to his website for all the latest news and more. ~Missy



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