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Fronting a band comes with responsibility and challenges. Ronnie Eaton and the Cold Hard Truth are a great example of how to be a fun, loving group of individuals. Eaton and I shared in a conversation that made us laugh as we joked, and become serious as we discussed unfortunate circumstances for many in Texas. 

Eaton released a debut solo album titled The Moth Complex prior to releasing the first full band album, What If We Are Ghosts. I was intrigued by the title of his solo album. This is when Eaton began to describe how the homeless community in Texas was his inspiration for the album. Listen as he tells the story of how this homeless community became an important fixture in his life and he in theirs.

We also discussed the very emotional content of their song "Smile and Nod." Watching the music video, you cannot help but feel the pain of the challenging situation faced daily by many. Eaton explained some of these dark lyrics, so be sure to listen to our full conversation for all the details.

After watching the video for "No Way To Tell," I knew that these guys had to all be friends outside of the band. I asked Eaton about their friendship and how long they have known one another. Three of the Five members grew up together, so their friendship was solid. How hard was it to find the other two members in the band? Listen as Eaton recalls the experience of auditioning for the two missing members.

Wanting to know more, I asked Eaton what we could look forward to in 2016. The answer? Due out in March is their New EP, Killer in the Choir. Intrigued? I was too. Listen as Eaton describes the influence on this EP as well as the reason behind the title. 

For more on this extraordinary band, please follow them on social media and download their latest album What IF We Are Ghosts. Do not forget to share this with your friends. ~Missy


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