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Have you ever met someone you felt you had known for years? In the country music world, it happens more than I ever expected it would. My conversation with David Britt was no different. This extremely talented singer/songwriter not only shared his love of music with me, he made me laugh a great deal. The stories he has, the personality that goes with them and his vocal instrument all offer great appeal. 

David was like many other kids. He grew up playing the fiddle in school and sang in the choir. David took a break from music in college to play tennis. He even played in the pro circuit. It was not long after that, David found himself working in the commercial real estate market. Music crept back into his life; however, in 2009. He began writing songs after some life-changing events occurred. To date, David has written close to 800 songs.

David since released his self-titled debut album in 2012. With songs like "Tramp Stamp" and "Skinny Jeans", I knew I was in for some entertaining explanations. I was right. Listen to our entire conversation for some exceptionally funny content. It is very interesting how one song title can lead to a story that involves Bon Jovi and a house fire. Have I piqued your interest? It gets better. We spoke about things we liked and things we had to have. It led to the discovery of our mutual love of donuts! 

People tend to connect to music in a variety of ways. For the listener, a certain lyric can bring laughter, tears, anger or any other possible emotion. Isn't that the point? The fan needs to be able to connect to the song, the artist, and the music. His latest single, "To Hell With Your Love," is an emotion filled break-up song. Listen to David explain how that song came about, how long it took him to write and his reason for writing it. I am still blown away by his answer. 

David shared so much more with Center Stage Magazine. Learn about his friendship with Joe Bonsall of The Oakridge Boys, the part he played in the return of the Christmas Tree at the SouthPark Mall during the infamous "Glacier" epic fail, the books he has written and what he is doing now! 

You can find his latest album Country Flow on iTunes, along with his latest single and original debut album. Do not forget to check out his newest video for "Sweet Memories". Follow David on social media and tell him I sent you to harass him! ~Missy



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