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If you caught the first part of this article (previously released), then you will know this is Part Two of our Seven Comic Night Breakdown. This is where our Headliner of the night, Keith Reza, was very nice and agreed to do an On The Spot Talk audio interview with me, Dilly Brigs, after the show. 

Now being a writer can be tough, being a Comedic writer is probably tougher and, even more, stressful, however, being a Comedic writer on the spectrum must be even harder and more stressful than all that combined. Keith Reza may have some tough times here and there, but he has got some pretty damn funny lines too.  I have seen Keith a few times before, opening for some heavy hitters himself, such as Tom Arnold and Tom Green just to name a few. On this night, he was Headlining and had a heavy hitter, a fellow funny man Mr. Darryl Blackshear (HBO, BET, who by the way tells us at Center Stage Magazine, that he was the first one to put Mr. Keith Reza on stage) opening for him. And we are so very glad he did. In our audio interview, Keith opened up about what it is like to work with such big names in the industry and how he, himself, got started in this business. Being on the spectrum is a tough life, but to Keith's credit, he is also a very busy comic, using what life has thrown at him to achieve his goals. He has routines about all the funny little mishaps that go on in his life. Living on the Autism spectrum often leads to social   misunderstandings.  These social misunderstandings are what make his life tough, but at the same time, it is what gives him such great material.

Keith has found a way in life that allows him to follow his dreams and still be able to deal with his issues, for as he says, "Stand up is like free therapy. People listen to you." HA! What a fantastic way to look at things! If only we all could find that niche, that little something that brings out the best in us at all times. Wouldn't that be wonderful? I love the way Keith tells his stories and brings about his life struggles in a comedic way.  It makes people think, hey this guy is funny, I think I will go see him again. Yes, as I have said, I have seen him before and have laughed at his dirty twister jokes and his working on his social disorder whiles working at Ralphs....Would you like paper or plastic?

It also happened to be his Dad's (who was there) birthday this night, so we all applauded his father, till Keith broke in with, "Hey my dad got more applause than me!" Ha, ha. Keith is an interesting guy who seems to be going places. So click on our On The Spot Talk, to hear what he has to say! Be sure to keep listening for Darryl Blackshere.  Towards the end, he walked up to us as we were wrapping things up and I was able to grab a quick audio with him as well. I had the pleasure of speaking with Darryl before Keith, however, it was out front where fans meet and greet, so it was a bit too noisy for an audio. Darryl walking up at this moment was perfect timing for us to grab a little something with this HBO and BET Vet himself. 

Darryl Blackshere had us rolling in the aisles! It was evident by his act that Darryl is a hilarious man and oh can he deliver on comical stories and jokes alike! He had us crying with laughter while others were holding their ribs. No, not the ones on the plates. Ha! He was very animated in his telling of routine and no matter what, he made sure to embed his name on us all when he shocked us in the funniest of ways, for we will now forever have stuck in our heads, the major shock factor in his last joke, where he happily turned his backside to the crowd, pulled up the back of his really nice grey suit and flash shocked us all with his nice bright white, tighty whitey, MAN THONG to complete his routine. Talk about almost falling out of our chairs! Darryl Blackshere had the entire crowd roaring with that one. People stood up for him as he finished his act. It was the funniest, out of the box, in your face, factor I've seen on stage in a while.

Definitely catch these guys when you can and support your comedians out there. They do their best to bring us laughter. I know what it is like to live a difficult life, being connected to the special needs world. So I, for one, most definitely appreciate all that these funny people do and I hope you do too.

Be sure to click on the audio portion of this article to hear both Keith Reza and Darryl Blackshere in our On The Spot Talk with me, Dilly Brigs. And thank you for reading. Be on the lookout for the next two audio interviews with Hot Comics, Denise Shue and Wade Wammer. Thankfully these equally funny and cool comedians agreed to speak with us so our readers could learn more about them. Stay tuned and check them out on social media as well!


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