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With songs like "Hillbilly Rockstar" and "Low Life", I knew that my conversation with Jeff McCool was going to be epic. It was. I had so much fun with Brahma Bull. Let me back up. Brahma Bull is Jeff's nickname. Now, Jeff already has a great name, so I had to ask where the awesome nickname came from. Listen to our conversation as he recalls it's birth.

This man had me laughing so much during our conversation. He is as real as it gets. When I thought about how I would write this article, it occurred to me that "Brahma Bull" needed something different. I could tell you all about his credits, his songs, the number of albums he has out and what he is doing right now, but I really want everyone to know who Jeff is. 

Jeff is real. He has a life like anyone else. His personality is amazing and his vision is brilliant. Jeff is a man who is not afraid to be who he is. When you watch his video for "Hillbilly Rockstar", you will immediately feel like you know him. During our conversation, I even found myself telling him that I wanted to hang out and drink some "Shine" with him! We laughed but agreed that we will be having an on-camera conversation with his incredibly gifted wife and Moonshine. That will be one heck of a video to share!

When you know who you are and what you want to do with your life, things seem to easily take shape.  Jeff has shown his fans, friends and family that he can rock his way and not conform to what is deemed acceptable. Moccasin Creek is busy on their fourth album and I know it is going to be stellar. I look forward to watching more from this entertaining group that combines music styles to form a sound all their own. The stories within the lyrics are sure to equally as great as what we have already heard. The videos are no doubt going to be extremely entertaining. 

Please go do yourself a favor and check these guys out. Listen to our conversation and get to know Jeff. Get connected with them on social media and definitely send them a message on Facebook or twitter and tell them I sent you! Be entertained and laugh. ~Missy



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