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Before I introduce you to this next band, please know that my words will not do them justice. Dixie Still is no ordinary threesome. The talent in this small group is remarkable. The band is incredible. Their passion is unmistakable. Their determination and persistence are unwavering. I am so glad I got to know them on a deeper level.

During my conversation with Holly, I was immediately allured. This woman has such an inviting tone. I knew listening to her sing that her voice was beautiful, but when speaking with her there was just something that drew me in. Is it because she is a mom that faces the same stress as other mothers? Could it be the sweet accent she possesses? Whatever the reason, I instantly wanted to hear more. 

At the young age of 13 Holly was the youngest gospel artist to debut in the top 10. Combine that with her husband, Matthew, who has been singing since he was eight years old and add the amazing vocals of Stephen and viola! Dixie Still. 

When you listen to most groups or trios, you often see that there is a lead vocalist. That is not the case with Dixie Still. They each sing lead on songs, which I do not usually see. I wanted to know more about the decisions in choosing songs as it intrigued me. Holly's answer made me giggle. Listen to our conversation to find out why.

This band has a busy schedule that has left them with a fast growing fan base. As a way to celebrate this, Dixie Still will be planning a FREE Fan Concert to thank you all for helping them reach 10,000 Facebook Fans! Who does that? Again, I wanted to know more about that so I asked. By this point I think I was just really excited.

Here is why Dixie Still is a great example for others to follow. Dixie Still teamed up with "Fuzzy Peach" and dedicated their song Dark Horse to "Madison's Hope". Madison is a young girl fighting Cystic Fibrosis that the group has gotten to know very well. Madison absolutely loves Dixie Still and Dark Horse is her favorite song! Supporting this cause has become important for the band and I am sure hearing the story will touch you as much as it touched me and Madison's family.

Now, Dixie Still has many shows on their calendar. Please be sure to catch a live show if you can. There are several shows in North Carolina through June 2016, so go check them out! For now be sure to like them on Facebook, share them and download some of their great music and fight out how you too can help support, "Madison's Hope". ~Missy


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