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I hope you guys are ready for a musical ride that is sure to blow your mind. Welcome to FOOLS' BREW. After forming in late 2010, this Chicago-based four-piece band was on a mission.That mission is to own every stage they play. To get there, they began writing material and playing as many gigs as they could, earning them the reputation as a "Killer live act!" Their Midwest-bred metal is going to turn heads, melt faces and bring in many new fans. 

After playing in clubs and bars around Chicago, they were able to open for KORN in 2012, where they rocked "The Rave" in Milwaukee.  Following that stellar performance, in 2013, Fools' Brew won the Chicago Battle of the Bands at Reggie's Rock Club.They have continued to play and headline shows all over the Midwest. In the 2014 release of their EP, "THIS SIDE OF SANITY", they showcase their dangerously addictive live set spanning the Midwest. This band is on FIRE and they are going to continue to light up every stage.

Here is where it gets even more real. The single "Panic Room," is an emotional and very deep, real song that many sadly can relate to. This hard hitting song that strikes the core of every person who has ever suffered from a panic attack is hands down a powerful combination of soothing and frightening feelings. Fools' Brew  dug deep and held nothing back! The anxieties that so many face every day are demonstrated precisely within the strong lyrics. In the lyric video, which premiered on Blank TV, you will feel the impact of what it is like to feel your world coming apart and not being able to breathe. The newest single/lyric video "Saddle Up" is about, "Feeling fear or uncertainty, recognizing it, and then sucking it up and fighting regardless," says Diggs McNasty guitarist for the band.

As you can see these guys are not afraid to take real life, real hurt, real pain and real fear into their work. They breathe life into each of their songs from the depths of their souls. They give you a glimpse into the very life that others are forced to live each day. They make you think, feel and imagine. WOW! Great job guys. For more on this rising to the top band, please follow them on social media, like them and share them! Until next time ~Missy



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