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When covering a new artist, you never know if they are going to be good, not so great or completely outstanding. Lucky for me and the entire audience at M15 Concert Bar & Grill in Corona, CA, Eric Holmgren was SUPERB! I was not expecting the level of talent that I saw in this extremely pleasing to the eyes Cowboy! Before you ask, yes ladies he is happily taken by a very beautiful woman! 

While not expecting to cover anyone other than National Recording Artist, Wade Hayes, I am so completely glad that I was fortunate enough to see Eric perform. His voice and energy on stage immediately left everyone wanting to hear more. I was actually sad that I did not get to watch the entire set as I arrived there late. As soon as he was finished I knew I had to interview him. Lucky for me, he is also a very gracious man and said he would be happy to meet with me after the show!

I instantly researched this awesome artist to ensure I was prepared for our interview. Eric lives in Nashville, TN and you can often find him performing at one of the many local spots downtown! He plays at several venues such as the Blue Bird Cafe, Legend's Corner and the Wildhorse Saloon. I know it will not be long before he is playing sold out stadiums. He is that good! 

I then went about my business focusing on what I was there to do in the first place, which was cover Wade Hayes! I grabbed the photographer, Kristin, and headed to the green room for the Meet and Greet with Wade! Guess who I saw standing in line waiting to meet Wade? Yes, Eric and his beautiful fiancee, Nicole, were happily awaiting their turn to meet him. I was elated that I got to witness the level of excitement these two had for being there experiencing this opportunity. We were thrilled to capture some great shots of this very memorable moment. What a fantastic night this was.

What you will not see in the conversation we had is Eric's amazing singing. Please go check him out now. Follow him on social media and just enjoy his wonderful music. I am now a fan for life and have two new friends that I really enjoy speaking with. It just goes to show you that you never know what lies ahead or around the corner. Stay open to new adventures and experiences. Life can be phenomenal if you allow it to be! Until next time!  ~Missy


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