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There is nothing I love more than happy, kind, fun, loving people. That is exactly what you will find in, The Darlins. Let me start with telling you who they are. Erinn Bates and Jude Toy are the lovely faces of, The Darlins. They are armored with a passion for great music, incredible vocals, brilliant songwriting, outgoing personalities with a touch of sass and hearts of pure gold. These two are turning heads in Nashville as they pursue their dreams. 

During my conversation with them, I immediately found myself wanting to go shopping with them or grabbing coffee so we could sit, chat and no doubt laugh hysterically at anything and everything. We talked about how they met, what exciting events they have coming up and some of the inspirations they have had. I encourage you to listen to our full interview to see what I mean about their incredible personalities, but for now here is a sample of our great conversation.


Missy: I heard that there was a very interesting way on how you two met, so…and I heard it involved Sephora, which is one of my new favorite places. Can you tell us about that? (Immediately they chuckled, yes…we all love Sephora!)


The Darlins: "It is amazing how we met. We worked together and we knew about each other’s talent…"


Missy: So, you guys were BOTH pursuing music individually prior to meeting?


The Darlins: "Yes. Yeah. Yes!"


Missy: How long had you been playing music prior to forming The Darlins?


The Darlins: "Oh Gosh…Forever!"


It was at this moment that Jude begins talking about how she was that girl that just packed her bags and took a taxi out of Los Angeles and headed for Nashville! Maybe this is why I connected with her right away. Nashville, when it calls…you just answer!


Missy: How long have you guys been, The Darlins? 


The Darlins: "Well we started writing together in 2009, but we technically didn’t become The Darlins until 2011."


Then they shared their experience on how they were able to open for Country Greats, Darryl Worley and Montgomery Gentry. All I can say is WOW! Congratulations Ladies…that must have been an extraordinary experience to have. 


Missy: You guys are doing something that not a lot of artists are doing. You are giving away music on your site!


The Darlins: "We ARE!..."


Seriously, an artist is giving away their music? Just whose idea was this? What was the inspiration behind this remarkable decision? They gave credit for this brilliant idea to, Rick Barker (former manager for Taylor Swift). His words were simple, “If you want to sell a million albums, you’ve got to meet a million people.”


What is next for these two? Well as it turns out, they are in for the time of their lives as they join a country music cruise in just a few weeks! No, I am not one bit jealous. Of course I am! Do you know who is going to be on this cruise with them? Joe flipping Nichols and Trace Adkins! Can you say LUCKY or Eye Candy? Oh just wait…they will be posting all about it I am sure. For more info on their upcoming cruise go to 


Their new EP, “Crush” is available now on all online music outlets, and their new video for “Crush” will be out this fall, so don’t miss it! Also, don’t forget to download your free music from The Darlins! Just follow the link below to their homepage. OK...if you have not yet listened to our conversation, do that NOW! Until next time ~Missy


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