My Kid Rock Birthday Band-Aid

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Like many out there, my love of music, comedians, boxing/MMA matches, etc, have always been a big part of my life, but first and foremost, has always been my love of what I call, sanity saving music. All that know me, know what a huge Kid Rock and Twisted Brown Trucker Band fan I am.  I also happen to be a, Da, Da, Da, Daaaa. Autism super mom!  YEAH! HA!

So as you can imagine, any type of outside entertainment I can get to is amplified for me.  My comedians are funnier, the anticipation of a match is heightened, and my music...ah my music is so much raunchier, maddening, emotionally releasing, sweeter sounding than ever. Catch my drift?

So for Kid Rock and the Twisted Brown Trucker Band to be playing on my actual birthday weekend to kick start it off, and for me to be able to actually get to my own Kid Rock birthday concert weekend, (which had been planned for months then suddenly everything went wrong as special needs lives can go) was a flat out miracle.  There's a purpose to his music for people like myself, for it radiates more due to our situations, and with his wide genre of music, starting from his pissed off years to his current kicked back country rock, I can always find a song I can get lost in.

It wasn't until Friday, less than 24hrs till set departure, on our way back from my daughter's Autism/special needs self-defense class at OC Kickboxing & MMA, that a text came through reading, "Hey babe, still need a date for Saturday night? I'm in!" Even my way to get there had unavoidably fallen out just two days prior and I had given up on seeing my music man, offering some other chick my tix.  Little did I know, something incredible was about to happen at the show.

My excitement set back in. Michelle, my Bell, picks me up Saturday and I grab my daughter's multi-faced minion beach towel to sit on in the lawn seating, on my way out the door. After a few hours we join the thick traffic, obviously we are all there for the same reason. Michelle's navigational system decides it would be funny to guide us two ladies down a mountain road, straight into a heavily guarded men's correctional facility first! Her GPS is a cloud with a smiley face which now seemed mocking whilst smiling at us. Ha, ha, truth! 

Just then a text comes through on my phone.  It's our friend Cindy, asking, 'Where are you, ladies?" Michelle and I looked at the smiley face, then the men's correctional facility, then each other and burst out laughing, as we are all dolled up for the show.......WRONG SHOW! HA! I texted back,  "JAIL!  Be there soon!" I gave no other explanation. Ha,ha. I  proceeded to get on my phone and tell Suri, “Get my ass to KID ROCK!” Suri complies, “This way ladies.”  I'm paraphrasing. :) 

We pull into the half paved, dirt road parking lot, full of Kid Rock and the TBT Band fans in multitudes.  As Kid has such a wide genre of music, it only seems fitting it would be the same way with his fans.  We saw every kind of Kid fan, from the hardcore rapper rockers to the real McCoy all American Cowboys, flying their American Flags proudly in the back of their trucks as they blare Kid's, Born Free, patriotic song from their speakers.  That is something I can definitely get behind!            

We parked then met our friends Cindy and David along with all of our new Kid Rock fan friends that are tailgating together while waiting for the scorch of the sun to lessen before going in.  One funny lady says to jump in her group photo and cozy up to her son-in-law, whom they snatched from his house without her daughter knowing, hence the group photo to send and show. It was a very strange request....So, of course, I jump in and say,  “Wait! I need one for my ole man too!” :) Love Kid Rock fans.

We heard the first band playing and knew it was time to head in, so we packed up our things and left.  It was hot and sticky as a sea of people all bottle-nosed inward to get through the purse check and ticket lines, then the food and booze lines before finding their seats.  I could feel the electric buzz of the crowd as the anticipation of seeing Kid grew.  Or maybe it was just me.  

By this time the first band had finished and the classic hit song, Dirty White Boy, began to play.  Immediately everyone started happily bouncing, as we were still making our way in.  Foreigner was playing.  We charged through the thick of the crowd and immediately found a spot on the lawn and lay the minion towel down with our things, then Urgent came on and we continued to dance.  I swear we couldn’t have been there more than eight to ten minutes tops, when a pretty red head and a few men, approached our little group.  My mind went numb. It was Kid's lead guitarist/and one of his singers!            

She said, “Would you like to get upgraded for free?”  

We couldn’t have pinched ourselves harder, was this really happening? I had always talked about how Kid is known for saving front row seats, for his crew of musicians to walk through the crowd during opening acts and pull people from the lawn. Though I had hoped and prayed, I would have never thought it would happen to us!  I screamed out, “OMG.  Thank you, thank you, we are mostly Autism families and it's also my birthday.” She said she spotted us because of David's (former Navy man) American Flag cowboy hat.  Then she saw my bright yellow tank with the words KID ROCK written largely across the top in neon green, glow in the dark fabric paint.   She said, “Oh I didn't even see that before.” Smiling. It was my bucket list shirt for him to spot me in the crowd. HA!

We raced like maniacs, weaving in and out of people traffic, stopping only to make sure our little group was intact.  We ran past the pit and straight to the entrance of FRONT ROW CENTER STAGE BABY! After the horrible weeks, that beautiful red head truly had no idea what a faith strengthening deed she had just done for me. It was as if for all the bad that took place, good was now coming through in the form of my multi-instrumentally talented, sexiest American Fucking Badass KID ROCK and the Twisted Brown Trucker Band!  I couldn’t ask for more...unless it was to get myself tossed on stage!

The Crowd amplified as Kid's signature giant money curtain drops from above, covering the entire San Manuel Amphitheater stage. Then the lights go dark on everything but the money curtain, which now is illuminating white light, revealing a tall, loosely fitting clothed, hat donning, long haired hippie type, Center Stage, Center Circle, undeniably HOT, shadow! The overheated crowd works its way into a frenzy as the music begins to play and the shadow begins to sway. Then in true Kid Rock form, his scratchy sexy voice radiates over the worked up crowd as he belts outs the lyrics to his hot hit song First Kiss! 

We hear a loud pop, as the curtain drops, leaving Kid Rock standing mid-stage, clad in matching light pink and black attire to his First Kiss CD cover and burning up the stage, like only Kid Rock and the Twisted Brown Trucker Band can.  Showers of golden fireworks sparkle and spout up from the ground behind and from above, with a larger than life portrait of a pair of pink smoking animated lips, puckering and smoking a cigarette, hanging in the background, adding to the hype. Undeniable bucket list!

He told us his cool life story, through song, that consisted of his accumulative years of music. Starting with his pissed off years through his current laid back country crooner rock.  It was the best show I've seen yet. His rendition for Pictures, made famous by himself and fellow crooner Sheryl Crow, had, what seemed like, the whole amphitheater, moving in ripples along the shoreline as the hollowed out mountain seemed to sway to the beautifully sad song.  They just blew everyone away with all they had to say, and do, and rocked out for us, to be able to rock out too, from his raunchiest rap to his serious soul. 

His tribute to our vets was by far, very moving and touching and appreciated by many.  Yes, Kid Rock gives back to his fans. These are the reasons why he is loved by so many, these are the reasons why he is one of my ultimate artists. Kid Rock and the TBT rocked the house and riled up the crowd on Saturday, August 29th, 2015 at the San Manuel Amphitheater like no other.  They threw down with Cowboy and traditoned it up with the displaying of our American Flag as he bellowed out his patriotic Born Free and sounded even better live, Center Stage, for my birthday! 

At one point he even looked down and locked eyes with me, then noticed my bright yellow bucket list tank with his stage name written across my chest in huge glow in the dark lettering! Though he was singing, his eyes widened and he smiled at me in gestured facial approval of what he saw, making me feel giddy like a school girl...However, I apparently wasn't the only one he seemed to have an effect on at him seeing my bucket list shirt, for my crazy friend Michelle, my Bell, saw him see me and screamed out, “HE SEE'S YOUR SHIRT!” Then suddenly without warning, I feel a small pair of warm hands, reach behind me and slip up under my breasts and, as Kid Rock is starring straight at me... Michelle, my crazy Bella Loona friend, shakes his name right at him as he is still singing and smiling at me in approval. Ha, ha, ha. I think that was more of a bucket list for her! 

Then the coolest thing happened.  As we had no use for the towel, I threw it on my chair and took my place at the fence. By mid-show, alcohol had set in and the hotness of kid's sexy raw performance barred much for some and clothes started flying, beginning with a big blue bra. Being so close, we saw Kid look down at it and I swear I heard him give a giggle. This must have been the cue for the rest because now everyone was throwing things up on stage by him, including my daughter's multi-face minion beach towel. Mind you, none of us threw it. Of all the things being tossed up on stage, we saw a big strange looking object get tossed but it wasn’t until, again, my crazy friend Michelle noticed it and pointed as she yelled, “MINION BABY BLANKET!” I quickly turn to see David pointing to two drunk girls behind him. I yelled, “Next time take off your shirts and throw your own damn things!” Security was cool with us and knew we didn't toss it. I said, “Hey look, that’s my autistic daughter's baby minions right smack behind Kid's feet. (It had landed in a little pile, faces up, to the back and left of him, so funny.) I tried to get a photo to show her, but the stage hands were too fast and had already taken it away.  

Now for the extra cool part.  Security went over to the stage for a moment then came back and told me, “They said hang out after the show.”  My fan girl moment started to rise. They never do this at shows. After the show, we were hanging out as everyone was being shooed out.  A geared up stage man came out and asked, “Who's the lady with the baby blanket?” Though it was really an oversized beach towel.  I jumped to my feet, “Meeeeee”, I say in return.

He says, “We couldn't get your baby's blanket back because it's already packed up in Kid Rock's production stuff, so he sent this out instead to you.”  As he carefully unrolls, Da, Da, Da, Daaaa. KID ROCK'S SET LIST!  He continues with, “In place of the blanket” as he placed it in my hands.  KID'S OWN SET LIST! At least that's what he said as he gave it to me.  Kid had no idea he had just placed a Big KID ROCK BIRTHDAY BANDAID on my boo boo. Now how to explain to my autistic daughter I lost her favorite minion towel due to rude drunk girls.... Oh, just like that... And when she said, “Oh oh, lost?”  I said, “Yes but it landed on stage right smack behind Kid Rock's feet  with the minions facing him and then it got packed up in Kid Rock's stuff so, I lost your minion towel baby. BUT KID ROCK HAS IT!” The smile that instantly crept across her face?...Priceless! 

So that's two birthday band-aids Kid Rock gave me.  I say, “Now I can't get knocked down anymore...for I've been floored by the best.” I even managed to snag an awesome, beat to hell, drumstick from his badass drummer.

 I'm Dilly Brigs.  That's my story and I'm sticking to it.


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