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Often times you see musicians young, old, male, female, groups and duets trying to make a name for themselves in the very harsh industry known as the music business. Most times these artists have faced rejection at least once. Some eventually give up, some sit and idle while others never stop. I recently had the pleasure of getting to know an artist who is one of the passionate fighters, refusing to give up on his dreams. It is no wonder Mark Burke has had the opportunity to open for Jake Owen and share the stage with Luke Bryan. At the young age of 7 Mark discovered his passion for music through his Grandfather. Mark quickly realized that music, the right music, is filled with stories. He has become quite the songwriter himself and each of his songs have come to life through real emotion, real events,, real tears and true happiness. These songs are in his soul. Each time he performs he leaves a piece of himself with each of his adoring fans. It is no wonder he continues to grow. I hope you enjoy learning more about him as I did.

Missy: Can you tell us about yourself? What do you want fans to know about you?
Mark: "I love making country music, playing for the fans and seeing them forget the real world for that hour and a half or so. Being able to watch them kick back and let loose. It makes it really worth it." 

Missy: How long have you been performing?

Mark: "I moved to Nashville in 2012 but I've been playing around the South East and Florida for about 6 years now."


Missy: Do you find that you are able to be creative with your music in a way that sets you apart from others? 

Mark: "I like to think so, I think at the end of the day if people can relate to your music, whether it's an escape from reality, or just to rock out, that's all that matters."


Missy: When you write a song, do you draw from personal experience along with what you see others going through? 

Mark: "Most of my songs are drawn from personal experience. I want the audience to know me through my music and the path I've traveled. What you hear is how it is."


Missy: How would you describe your music style?  

Mark: "I call it rockabilly.  Just acoustic, down home, gritty, stomp your boot in the dirt music."


Missy: Have you ever opened for anyone that you were able to learn from? Who was it? What did you learn? 

Mark: "Jake Owen, Jake is a great guy. His whole family is, honestly. I learned whatever happens out there on stage, have fun. Leave everything out there. Every single night."


Missy: Do you have future tour plans?

Mark: "Yeah, we're actually headed to GA, SC, KY and FL."


Missy: Do you find that it is hard to balance your everyday life with your music career? 

Mark: "Not at all. It's a way of life."


Missy: Is there a song you have written and or recorded that means the most to you? What is it? Can you explain why? 

Mark: "I wrote a song titled 'Kyle's song'. It was about a 5 year old friend of mine who passed away from cancer and the perspective he had on life and the way he handled the whole situation."


Missy: Have there ever been any great and unforgettable or embarrassing moments on stage? 

Mark: "Yes! I was really into a song one night down in South Florida and stepped on my guitar cable accidentally!  It popped out of my guitar! I had no sound, so I had to stop the song and plug back in to finish!"


Missy:  What are your long term goals as a musician? 

Mark: "Just to keep making music that people enjoy and be able to travel around playing it."


Missy: A lot of people in this industry have been given a key piece of advice that has stuck with them for years. Have you been given advice that just hits you so hard in the chest that you will never forget it? What was it?  

Mark: "Play like 100,000 people are watching you every time you step on stage."


Missy: If you could go on tour with anyone at any venue, who would it be with and where? 

Mark: "Eric Church in West Palm, FL."


Missy: What drives you or inspires you to keep going? 

Mark: "My family, friends and the music. It keeps the fire burning."


Missy: Is there a way people can get in touch with you? Social Media? 

Mark: "Yeeah!" 


For more on this talented young man, please connect with him on his social media links provided. You will be glad you did. Until next time! ~Missy Wolf


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