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You don't see many duets audition on NBC's The Voice, but it was during season three that Zach and Colton Swon did just that. They auditioned with "American Girl" and immediately had the audience on their feet. It was at that moment I shouted to everyone, "These two are going to get a record deal and I will be front row at one of their concerts!".  Quickly their performances became known as "Swoncerts" and it was clear that Blake Shelton was the perfect coach for them. They ended the season finishing in 3rd place and have since landed themselves a record deal releasing a self-titled debut album. Their first single, "Later On", is a very upbeat and fun song. The accompanying video is outstanding and will definitely entertain you. Both Zach and Colton have voices that are so filled with emotion that while singing their latest single, "Pray for You" at their show, some fans began to cry. It was so very beautiful and the delivery of that song could not have been more real. The lyrics include such strong stories within it that if you relate to it, well you can't help but feel its power and emotion. It is simply breathtaking. Currently the Swon Brothers are busy touring with their impressive band and have opened for artists such as Brad Paisley. Soon these guys will be having acts opening for them as they are absolutely going to rise to the top.


Missy: You guys started on the Voice, how was that for you?


Colton: "It was crazy, like it was, we didn't know what to think, cause you know reality T.V. you don't know if it's what you see is what you get, you know but working with Blake Shelton and those producers for the Voice it was what you see is what you get..."


Missy: You guys have done something I haven't seen people do, at CMA fest twice in a row now for me, you guys have given guitars to young ones...What inspired you to do that?


Zach: "You know umm, some of our favorite artists we've see do it, I've seen Brad do it, I've seen Keith Urban do it, I've seen a lot of people do it. And I remember being at a concerts watching it happen and thinking you know man that would be such a cool feeling  to have one of these guys give me a guitar..."..."when we get the chance we like to make someone's day"


We also talked music, food and their personal life as well as being on tour with Brad Paisley! Hear what they had to say by watching our interview here. For more information on these incredible and very talented country artists, please visit their website and social media outlets. We will see you "Later On" ~Missy Wolf


Special Thanks to Tommy Lemon and Summer for all of your help on this interview!


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05/18/2024 : Carpenter’s Country Fest 2024: Ozark, AR

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