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CMA Fest 2018 with Missy: The Young Fables

CMA Fest 2018 with Missy: The Young Fables

1357 days ago / Missy Wolf

Having the opportunity to meet new artists at events such as CMA Fest is not only exciting but heartwarming as well. Some of these artists are there for the first time, some are releasing new music, and some are seasoned and it is more like a reunion for them to reconnect with fr...

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Center Stage Presents : CMA Fest 2018 : July 09, 2018

Join us live from CMA Fest where we chat with John Berry, Kyle Daniel, Maggie Rose, Shane Owen, Lucas Hoge, Brett Kissel, Matt Rogers, Kelsey Lamb, Lockwood Barr, Caleche Ryder, The Young Fables, and Sarah Lawton about their latest music videos!

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05/27/2022 : The Station: Louisville, TN
06/11/2022 : Brooke Street Park: Alpharetta, GA
06/19/2022 : Centennial Park: Nashville, TN
06/24/2022 : Bridgeland: Cypress, TX
06/25/2022 : The Woodlands Hills: Willis, TX
07/06/2022 : 20 Front Street: Lake Orion, MI
07/08/2022 : Lynne Sherwood Waterfront Stadium: Grand Haven, MI
07/09/2022 : ‘The Fable Of A Song’ Screening : Spring Lake, MI
07/23/2022 : ‘The Fable Of A Song’ Screening: Chattahoochee Hills, GA
07/27/2022 : Rockwood Music Hall: New York, NY
07/30/2022 : ‘The Fable Of A Song’ Screening: Basking Ridge, NJ
08/05/2022 : ‘The Fable Of A Song’ Screening: Berlin, OH
08/13/2022 : ‘The Fable Of A Song’ Screening: Maryville, TN
08/19/2022 : Chaminade Resort & Spa: Santa Cruz, CA