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Conversations with Missy: Holly Tucker

Conversations with Missy: Holly Tucker

1653 days ago / Missy Wolf

You may know Holly Tucker from the NBC hit series The Voice, but Tucker began her singing career long before appearing on that show. Hailing from Texas, this powerful female country artist has been singing her entire life. Both her parents are singers, so it was just a ma...

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10/23/2021 : The Pub McKinney: Mckinney, TX
10/30/2021 : The Green Palace: Caldwell, TX
11/14/2021 : Texas Country Music Awards: Fort Worth, TX
11/20/2021 : Skooter's Roadhouse: Shorewood, IL
12/04/2021 : Lakeview Grill: Lakeview, TX
12/17/2021 : The Dirty Bourbon: Albuquerque, NM