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– born in Charleston, West Virginia – raised in Atlanta, Georgia. Chase has been writing and playing music all his life. Having had many ups and downs throughout the years of being an aspiring artist; no one could’ve prepared for what would happen next, following the aftermath of The Coronavirus Pandemic.    Rather than living out of fear, Chase took a step forward in his faith and decided to spend most of the pandemic collaborating in Nashville, TN writing and recording with some of Nashville’s top musicians & writers (Joe West, Mark Hill, Nir Z, Danny Rader).  Chase hunkered down, and did what he does best! Made music from the heart. Flash forward, several months later, and all of that music is ready to be shared with the world. Producing Chase’s upcoming debut album, ‘Chase Your Purpose”, is none other than 3x (’14, 16′, 17’)

Academy of Country Music’s, Musician Of The Year winner, Danny Rader.    Danny Rader is one of country music’s most recorded guitar players in current history. Having played to date on over 60+ number #1 records. Danny has also been celebrated for his part in Keith Urban’s long-time touring band, having joined Keith’s band in 2010 touring the world many times over as Keith’s right-hand man.       Danny has taken Chase under his wing, mentoring Chase as both songwriter + recording artist; Danny is truly a living example of what is possible if you labor hard and never give up “Chasing Your Purpose”!    Album Coming Soon!


ABOUT CRS (Country Radio Seminar):

Country Radio Broadcasters, Inc. was established in 1969, with the goal of furnishing a platform for education, and a climate for growth within the Country music format, while serving as the conduit connecting the interests of Country radio with the Country music industry. The organization created, and annually stages, the multi-day educational event known as Country Radio Seminar, which for more than 50 years, has provided networking and career growth opportunities for music industry professionals, and serves as the premier showcase event for new and emerging artists, many of whom have eventually risen to Country music success and stardom.


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