Home Trade Show iHeartRadio and TV Network 

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Home Trade Show iHeartRadio and TV Network 

       It's a Game Changer! 


Imagine extending the engagement, excitement, 

education and all the information from a Trade Show to 365 days a year.  

Home Trade Show iHeartRadio and TV's mission is to keep the "Show Alive 365!" says Nancy Hahn CEO and Founder. 

A one-stop destination where National Trade Show Organizations and their Members can place all their content: Podcasts and Videos on a Platform that reaches 250 million people and has a technical infrastructure second to none.

"It's a true game-changer", says David Silkin, Director of National Sales and Partnerships for Home Trade Show iHeartRadio and TV. 

Silkin has a 30 plus year, successful track record in every permutation of Trade Shows, while Hahn is an owner founder of 7 iHeartRadio Stations, and previously built a Broadcast TV Station from scratch and ran it for 25 years, being the first woman in the United States to do so. 


 "24 Hour Home Trade Show iHeartRadio and TV Network is a total no-brainer, it combines entertainment with education to provide the most up-to-date information on all aspects of the housing industry in an interactive, informative, and entertaining way.  This will take the popular "fixer-upper" genre to the next level and I am so excited to be a part of it!" - Tracy Locke Professional Comedian & Host



Trade Shows and Trade Show Organizations are the heart and soul of America and Home Trade Show iHeartRadio and TV is bringing this high-quality infotainment to millions of households to complement this essential magical experience. 


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