CRS 2020 with Missy: The Desert City Ramblers

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Nashville's Country Radio Seminar is an important yearly event for those in the country music industry. From artists to labels, radio stations to publicity agents, managers, and journalists, CRS is a place where everyone can connect to one another for business opportunities, collaborations, or a simple reunion with friends made along the way.

During this year's CRS, no one could have imagined that their plans were about to significantly change, along with their livelihood. Now that we are in the middle of a pandemic, the importance of supporting artists, especially independent artists, is greater than ever.

As The Desert City Ramblers and I stood in our quaint booth during the three-day music event in Nashville for our on-camera conversation, they were all smiles as they shared their musical journey thus far (including the reality of the grueling work it requires), their new single "Hillbilly Rollin' Stone" (which is now charting in the top 20 on the CDX Traction True Indie Chart), and their plans to tour. Watch our full conversation now to join in on the fun and get to know them.

While times may now seem uncertain for many during this national pandemic, one thing we know for sure is that the music will continue to live on and help heal. Music City will once again thrive and artists will once again take the stages to play for their loyal fans. For now, please follow The Desert City Ramblers on social media, check out their website for all the latest news and updates, and be sure to grab their music to show your continued support. Please also continue to support music and independent artists by sharing their music, watching their live streams, tip when you can, buy their merch, and subscribe to their channels. Help the music live on. ~Missy 


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