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While attending this year's Country Radio Seminar, Center Stage Magazine was given some incredible opportunities with artists that we know and love. Whether it was a private performance in their hotel suite, having an incredibly fun evening out, or a simple casual lunch together, this year was the best for us by far.

After my initial "encounter" with Glen Templeton before our first interview together a couple of years ago, we have become quite good friends with him and his lovely bride, Amie Templeton. That original encounter with Glen is something that I will always hold very close to my heart as what he did for my son and myself at that moment was genuine and filled with an enormous amount of love and compassion. It was a truly unforgettable experience that left me in tears. That first encounter has since led to an amazing friendship that I, we here at Center Stage Magazine, will cherish forever. 

That being said, it came as no surprise to me that as we walked through the lobby of the Omni Hotel in Nashville during this year's Country Radio Seminar, that Glen was approached by many fans and industry peers for handshakes, hugs, and selfies. In fact, there was definitely one moment that stood out above the rest as Glen pointed to a longtime fan named "Rita" and without missing a beat said to her "You want to hug my neck don't you?". He immediately let her do just that, they took their traditional photo together and then we were on our way to sit down in his hotel suite for an on-camera interview. 

As you can imagine, Glen was thrilled to share why his fans are so important to him. His smile alone lit up the entire room. Those smiles continued and even turned into laughter as his excitement level grew. One of those moments actually made my husband cry as he stood behind the camera. I cannot explain what happened at that moment, so you need to watch our full conversation for more.

Not only was Glen elated by the support of his fans, but he also grew increasingly more thrilled as he talked about his new EP that will be coming out soon. From the sneak peek I may have already gotten, I can honestly agree with Glen that this is the best I have heard. I simply cannot wait for the rest of the world to hear his new music. ~Missy


If you are not yet following Glen on social media, be sure to take a moment to do so. Remember to check out his website as well so that you do not miss out on any upcoming news and tour dates. 


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Glen Templeton Tour Dates

04/19/2024 : The Junction: Crosby, TX
04/20/2024 : 2920 Roadhouse: Hockley, TX
04/27/2024 : Food Bank of the Golden Cresce: Victoria, TX
05/22/2024 : Main Street Crossing: Tomball, TX
05/23/2024 : Alma's Courthouse Whistle Stop: Livingston, TX
05/25/2024 : The Bottom: Prattville, AL
06/01/2024 : The place downtown: Piedmont, AL
06/08/2024 : Friends of the St. Marys Theat: Saint Marys, OH
06/15/2024 : Tangipahoa Pro Rodeo & Music F: Amite City, LA
06/21/2024 : Belle Fair: Belle, MO

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