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Covering this year's Country Radio Seminar was even more fun than I imagined. Part of the reason for that was that it took place during Valentine's week and I was able to have candy the entire time, but the main reason it was so much fun was that I was able to reconnect with so many artists that I have bonded with like Zach Stone. 

Stone and I met for the first time at CRS 2018. His smile, positive energy, and glowing personality are enough to energize anyone. We could not have picked a better time for him to come and have a conversation as I was in a bit of a "grouchy" mood that included a temper tantrum because I left my coffee in the car.  As soon as Stone sat down with me there were immediate smiles and laughter.

During our conversation, I realized that we were just two friends catching up and we just happened to catch it all on camera. Through the laughter and fun, Stone shared how excited he was about his new single "Sorry and Lonely" and explained how he came up with the concept for the single and accompanying music video. Watching him light up as he spoke about this special project was a complete joy for me. 

Not only was Stone happy to share what he has been working hard on, but he was also beaming with excitement as he talked about going on a radio tour. As far as work goes, Stone has so much fun doing music that playing 3 shows in one day is easy for him, though he did admit he loves all aspects of his career, including conversations and interviews. I honestly wish I could harness his excitement and energy for life for all of my life's "off days". 

If you are not yet following Stone on social media, please do so now.  Once you get a good dose of his superb vocals and personality, you will find yourself wanting more. Make sure you give his pages a "like" and "share" and be sure to watch his latest video "Sorry and Lonely". Do not forget to download the single as well. ~Missy


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Zach Stone Tour Dates

05/25/2024 : Tin Roof Broadway: Nashville, TN

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