Avril Lavigne Releases New Single Head Above Water

by Tommy Lemon / 2131 days ago / Comments

Originally, I was simply excited to listen to "Head Above Water" because it's been a while since Avril Lavigne has released new music.  To my surprise, this song was not really what I was anticipating when I hit "play".

I think for many of us, there's a distinct point in life where we recognize our youth is fleeting and, what used to be a sense of immortality becomes a sense of realizing that our bodies and minds are under attack to sustain life. Or, at least, life as we previously knew it. It is also that point in which many of us start our journey with spirituality.  "Head Above Water" could be the anthem for that moment; the moment we realize we need a greater power to carry us through life's most difficult challenges.

Lavigne delivers a strong, emotionally charged performance resembling contemporary Christian hits by artists such as Natalie Grant or Kim Walker-Smith of Jesus Culture.

"Head Above Water" shows us a different, deeper side of Lavigne that I think will resonate with her fan-base that has matured alongside her from the days of "Complicated" from the Let Go album.

Simply put ... Great song. Great message. We can't wait to hear what is next!


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