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The first day of Nashville's Country Music Festival is always a bit chaotic, however, is full of excitement and wonder. CMA Fest is not only a great place for fans to see their favorite artists, it is the perfect event for artists to introduce and promote new music. Female singer/songwriter Jenn Bostic knows the importance of music festivals and discussed them with us during CMA Fest 2018. 

During our conversation, Bostic explained that though she tours the UK often, it was exciting to see that the fans made their way to Tennessee from overseas for this music festival. Just hours before our interview, Bostic delighted herself in conversation with a fan from Switzerland proving that music transcends all. 

As we discussed her new album Revival and the title track, Bostic revealed that this album was a "heart" project and extremely special to her. Realizing that she writes her own material, I wanted to know if there were any songs that might be hard for her to perform as they are, in fact, very personal to her. Without hesitation, she admitted that there are indeed.

Rewinding back in time to her song "Jealous Of The Angels", Bostic reflected on the tragedy of losing her father in a car accident. Through her painful experience, she was able to put her feelings into lyrics, thus creating a song that others could relate to which helped them heal as well. Though her fans may have suffered different tragedies, they were able to heal together. This is the true beauty of music. 

"Jealous Of The Angles" propelled to the number 1 spot on the songwriter's chart in Europe, however, the real reward, in my opinion, is the encouragement it gave Bostic to continue to be honest in her writing. Being vulnerable is a gift and not everyone has that ability. 

For more on Bostic, please visit her website and social media pages. Be sure to check out her tour schedule as you do not want to miss a show near you. While you are at it, grab a copy of her album Revival and get ready to enjoy some Blues, Country, Gospel, and Pop. ~Missy



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