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Each year during CMA Fest, fans from all over the world, young, and old come to see their favorite artists perform, talk, and host meet and greets. 

For artists like Sylvia, this event brings loyal fans and new fans each year. This year, however, was even more special for Sylvia. It was during CMA Fest 2018 that Sylvia was finally able to release her latest album, Second Bloom. With a smile on her face, Sylvia explained that she was so excited to be able to release this album as she spent the better part of a year making sure it was ready.

Appropriately titled Second Bloom, this album is a collection of the hits Sylvia had in the 1980's. As Sylvia continued to share the passion she has for the songs she once had hits with, it was the fact that she has learned so much over the years musically that created a desire within her to put a new spin on them, thus rebirthing each of them.

Not only has Sylvia managed to create a successful life and career in music for herself, she has also found a way to help others do the same. As a life coach in addition to being an artist, Sylvia has been able to help countless others look within themselves to sort out the confusion that often comes with life situations, choices, and direction. In a series of questions often asked out of curiosity, Sylvia is able to get others to think more analytically about the path they are on and the one they are searching for to discover the answers they seek are in fact within themselves. To say I am fascinated by her ability to get others to examine their lives in a way that makes sense is a complete understatement. It takes someone very patient and special to be as observant of critical details as Sylvia is. 

For more information on this remarkable woman and artist, please visit her website and social media now. Follow her pages and grab her latest album as well. Be sure you watch our conversation to the end for a special performance of her hit song "Nobody". You do not want to miss this amazing footage. ~Missy


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