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You might remember 2 Steel Girls as the very first mother and daughter duo performing on NBC's Hit Series, The Voice as a part of country artist Blake Shelton's team. What you might not know is that this mother/daughter duo is not what you expect. Before you go putting them in the same category as the Judd's, watch what these two have to say during our fun conversation.

As I sat with Allison and Krystal Steel at Dark Horse Studios, it was like I was looking at my own relationship with my two daughters. These two artists are more than just a mother and daughter that sing well together. They are fierce. They are sassy. They are no BS. They are honest, raw, fun, stubborn, bullheaded, friends that happen to be related. They are definitely a force to be reckoned with.

Through their hard work and passion for music, they have discovered who they are, what they want, and how to achieve it. With helpful advice from their mentor Shelton while on the show, along with advice from others along the way, 2 Steel Girls have carved their own path to success leaving jaws dropped along the way. 

With loyal fans helping them on their journey and campaigning via email and Facebook, 2 Steel Girls were asked by The Today Show to debut their first release live on their show. Talk about an impressive result. In addition to that, their debut album The Real Thing began charting on Billboard charts. That alone is huge for an independent artist. 

While we continued our, what seemed like, "girl talk", we laughed as they shared many exciting and fun stories. From dedicated fans to a shy husband, these girls had everyone in the room chuckling. I honestly could have been selfish and kept them talking forever, but instead, we wanted them to sing for you. Remember, if you are not following them on social media, click the links below and have your friends do the same. These two artists are headed straight for the top. Now, it is time to sit back, relax, laugh a little, and enjoy their special performance just for you.  ~Missy


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