CMA Fest 2018 with Missy: Brett Kissel

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During CMA Fest 2018, Center Stage Magazine had the privilege of interviewing many new artists, as well as several well-known artists. Some artists I have known, while others like Brett Kissel, I met for the first time.

Meeting new artists is always a great experience. Finding a connection to those artists is something that excites me. Bringing them to fans; however, is even more thrilling. 

Kissel is a genuinely kind, and caring individual. While speaking with him during CMA Fest, he made me feel appreciated. Those are the moments that artists often do not realize affects the magazine in such a positive way. Frankly, without the artists, we have no interview, no content, no reason to be there. 

As we began our discussion, we laughed and had fun while sharing our favorite drinks that have helped get us through our jam-packed schedules during the 4-day event. Between a little bit of Jack Daniel's, Sex On The Beach, and coffee, you could say we were definitely ready to tackle day 4.

Kissel and I discussed his new music video for "We Were That Song". After seeing this video for the first time, I knew there was something special about it. Watch our full conversation now to learn what it was that made this music video so captivating.

With a young wife and two young daughters, Kissel decided to bring them on the road with him as he toured for 4 1/2 months. Making memories along the way, Kissel seemed extremely grateful for having the ability to be able to travel with his family. 

Kissel absolutely beamed with joy as he spoke about his two precious daughters and revealed that he began writing his song "That's Why God Made Daughters" after his first daughter was born, yet he did not finish it until after his second daughter was born. 

There are so many great qualities about this artist. To learn more about Kissel, please visit his website now. To connect with him on social media, he is most active on Instagram and encourages you to connect with him there. As always, we have made it easy for you. Simply click on his links below and start sharing his pages and music with your friends. ~Missy 


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Brett Kissel Tour Dates

06/06/2024 : CMA Fest 2024: Nashville, TN
06/22/2024 : VictoFest 2024: Victoriaville, QC
07/04/2024 : Cowboys Music Festival Country: Calgary, AB
07/06/2024 : Brett Kissel - Killarney Kick : Killarney, MB
07/20/2024 : Brett Kissel at Quonset Days: Cypress County, AB
07/25/2024 : Boxcar Country Music Festival: Saint John, NB
07/27/2024 : 50ieme du festival de la tour: Lamèque, NB
08/10/2024 : Festival des rythmes du monde : Chicoutimi, Quebec
08/22/2024 : Lucknow's Music in the Fields : Lucknow, ON
08/22/2024 : Jackson Triggs 2024 Summer Con: Niagara On The Lake, ON

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