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Many of us have picked up nicknames throughout life, some we like and some we do not. With her new song "Hey Blondie", Maggie Rose explains the inspiration behind the song that refers to a common issue many have faced. 

As we continued our discussion during CMA Fest, we had the chance to discuss what Rose has coming up, new music, and the unique way she is bringing her music to fans. Digital 45's are probably one of the greatest ideas of today. While fans love new music, many used to look forward to the A and B side release of a 45 record. Today, new fans are unable to experience the thrill of going to the local record store to buy a new single and see what the "B" side had to offer. Thanks to Rose, fans will have the opportunity to do so digitally. 

Making music fun and keeping fans thirsting for more is something that Rose has definitely accomplished. With a little sass, fire, blues, extremely powerful vocals, brilliantly written lyrics, and genuine personality, Rose has continued to awe her fans and audiences everywhere. 

For Rose, this year's CMA Fest was on a continued incline. With several performances lined up, interviews, fan connections, and playing the Opry, Rose already had a full schedule; however, she was blessed with the opportunity to also take part in Bonnaroo by being one of the first performers to play The Grand Ole'Opry at Bonnaroo

Listening to Rose talk about her career and hearing the gratitude she has for where she is was admirable. If you have not yet followed her on social media, please do so now. You will not regret it. Her voice will captivate you, her smile will calm you, and her stage presence will enchant you. Now, if you do not have her music, get it now. We made it easy for you, so all you have to do is click on the iTunes link. ~Missy 


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Maggie Rose Tour Dates

09/22/2023 : Santander Arena: Reading, PA
09/23/2023 : Maggie Rose at AmericanaFest: Nashville, TN
10/14/2023 : RushSouth Music Fest 2023: Columbus, GA
10/14/2023 : Maggie Rose at The Reeves Thea: Elkin, NC
10/20/2023 : Queen City Jam Session Festiva: Charlotte, NC
10/21/2023 : Maggie Rose & Doom Flamingo at: Charleston, SC
10/22/2023 : Neighborhood Theatre: Charlotte, NC
10/27/2023 : Grand Ole Opry House: Nashville, TN
10/29/2023 : Maggie Rose & St. Paul and the: Pelham, TN
10/30/2023 : Minglewood Hall: Memphis, TN
10/31/2023 : WAVE: Wichita, KS
11/02/2023 : Majestic Theatre: Dallas, TX
11/03/2023 : Maggie Rose & St Paul and the : Austin, TX
11/04/2023 : Maggie Rose & St. Paul and the: Austin, TX
11/06/2023 : Maggie Rose & St Paul and the : Tucson, AZ
11/08/2023 : The Magnolia: El Cajon, CA
11/09/2023 : Maggie Rose with St. Paul and : Los Angeles, CA
11/10/2023 : Fremont Theater: San Luis Obispo, CA
11/11/2023 : Maggie Rose with St Paul and t: San Francisco, CA
11/13/2023 : Maggie Rose & St Paul and the : Portland, OR
11/14/2023 : Maggie Rose & St Paul and the : Vancouver, BC
11/15/2023 : Moore Theatre: Seattle, WA
11/17/2023 : Maggie Rose & St Paul and the : Salt Lake City, UT
11/18/2023 : Ellie Caulkins Opera House at : Denver, CO
11/19/2023 : Belly Up: Aspen, CO
11/20/2023 : Cheyenne Civic Center: Cheyenne, WY
12/02/2023 : The Mavericks with Maggie Rose: Nashville, TN
12/05/2023 : Grand Ole Opry House: Nashville, TN
12/13/2023 : Maggie Rose & Andy Frasco at : Cincinnati, OH
12/14/2023 : Maggie Rose & Andy Frasco at t: Indianapolis, IN
12/15/2023 : Maggie Rose & Andy Frasco at T: St Louis, MO
12/16/2023 : Maggie Rose w/ Andy Frasco: Fayetteville, AR
12/22/2023 : Maggie Rose at Bethesda Theate: Bethesda, MD

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