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During this year's Country Radio Seminar, there was an abundance of talented artists giving interviews, networking, performing, and having a great time. One of those artists was female singer/songwriter Julia Capogrossi. 

After hearing her emotional song "Morgan", I knew I wanted to speak to her about it immediately as the importance of a well-executed emotional delivery of a song is something I always look for and want to recognize. Without hesitation, Capogrossi filled me in on the heartbreak that inspired that song. Though she was mindful of not writing a song that was petty in any way, Capogrossi explained that writing "Morgan" was a very therapeutic experience for her and it was through the encouragement of her team that it became a single. 

Another fact I found interesting about Capogrossi is that we share a common interest in a cause that unfortunately needs a lot more awareness. Human Trafficking has alarming statistics and is a lot closer to home than any of us would like. Capogrossi shared that she has become a spokesperson against Human Trafficking in an effort to raise much-needed awareness. She explained that shortly after watching a film on Netflix, she was contacted to help the cause. Without hesitation, Capogrossi jumped on board. She recalled that just a few months back, there was a big bust on a human trafficking ring in Brentwood, Tennessee. Brentwood is an affluent city not far from Nashville, so it hit very close to home. As we continued our conversation, Capogrossi shared that there are some things in the works to help this cause, so fans need to stay tuned for more info.

Capogrossi has some upcoming events planned such as filming a music video for one of her older songs called "When I'm Wasted" that promises to be fun and exciting, CMA Fest, and a new single due out this Summer. Please follow Capogrossi on social media for more news, updates, and fun.  ~Missy


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