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Some artists always seem to have a smile plastered on their face while delivering good old-fashioned clean entertainment. Max T Barnes is one of those artists. 

As we sat at the 2018 Country Radio Seminar (CRS) in Nashville, Tennessee, I expected that we would have a good time discussing Barnes' music career. I was correct. Barnes did not let me down as we started off discussing his extremely fun, upbeat music video for "Hen Party".

While first explaining what a "Hen Party" is for those of us here in America who may not have heard the term before, Barnes then described the idea behind this amusing song. We both began to chuckle as we discussed the concept of the video along with the illusion that he was in the "buff" during the filming of the final scene.  

Barnes is no stranger to having fun on set. During the filming of a recent music video with Collin Raye titled "I Can Sleep When I'm Dead", the two well-established artists had fun with each other in every single scene from working in a factory to getting into the famed General Lee less gracefully than John Schneider as "Bo Duke".

As we continued our conversation, Barnes and I discussed how important Country Legend Randy Travis has been to his career. Having songs cut by Travis for both Max T Barnes and his father Max D Barnes (he says the "D" is for "dad" for identification purposes) has impacted the Barnes family in an extremely meaningful way. 

As he prepares for his 20-city European tour, Barnes admits that there may be some shenanigans taking place as this is the first time he is taking his band to Europe with him. To get in on all the excitement, please watch our full conversation with Max T Barnes now. Follow him on social media and be sure to head over to his website for the latest news and show dates. ~Missy




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