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Continuing our coverage of CRS 2018 this week starts off with the fun, energetic, sister trio, Southern Halo. These girls have immediately become family to us here at Center Stage Magazine. I will always refer to these beauties as "My Girls". 

I am always excited when I get to sit and chat with these ladies because of how wonderful they are. As artists, they are fantastic and have been blessed with the incredible ability to harmonize flawlessly, but as sisters, these three have displayed what it means to be family and have supported each other in ways that continue to inspire others.  

As with many family acts, Southern Halo has been able to capture the hearts of their audiences at every show with their genuine personalities and perfectly timed responses as if they are one person. I have seen this occur with twins frequently, however, these girls seem to know exactly what to say and when to say it without having identical genes. They are completely in tune with one another and that is part of what makes their performances so great.

During our conversation, we spoke about many of their successes including their soon-to-be-released album Just Like In The Movies and their new single "Anything Is Possible".  As the girls explained the way this album came to be, I was a bit blown away and slightly jealous. To quote them, "It all starts with a dream". 

As we continued talking about their 2017 move to Nashville, 3 UK tours, and the family road trips made during their recent radio tour, the girls shared that they learned something new about each city they were in and seemed extremely excited to have been fortunate enough to experience that. What was their most memorable moment during the radio tour? Watch to find out.

The level of appreciation and gratitude these sisters possess is heartwarming to witness. Not unlike most of us, these ladies also have a silly side to them that I relate to very well. Stay tuned for what we hope will be one of the best Shenanigans with Missy episodes yet.  If you are not following Southern Halo on social media yet, please do so now. You will be sure to fall in love with their vocals, harmonies, personalities, and more. Be sure to grab their new single "Anything Is Possible" and stay tuned for their new album Just Like In The Movies to be released on April 27, 2018. Now, sit back, relax, hit play, and enjoy. ~Missy


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