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During Day one of CRS 2018, the energy that filled the air was indescribable. From the Philadelphia Eagles earning their first Super Bowl win, new artists releasing music for the first time, and well-known artists performing as well as speaking to those in the industry, CRS was off to a fantastic start. 

Fully energized and ready to talk about his Debut EP release Casa Blvd., Lee Gantt sat adorned with a vibrant smile on his face. Before we got into the music, we had a little Super Bowl discussion. Though he is a Dallas Cowboy fan, he admits that it was an exciting win for the Eagles.

Having a busy schedule during the Country Radio Seminar, Gantt beamed with excitement for the ability to share his music with fans and industry peers. We talked about what it was like to watch his music gain momentum on platforms such as Spotify, and I could not help but be excited for him. It was our discussion about the single "Ruined This Town" that had us laughing. 

We all have that one story about a relationship gone wrong. We all know someone with a similar story and similar feelings to our own. What better way to deal with these relationships gone wrong then to connect with others who have been through it? With the help of Gantt and his team, fans were able to utilize Facebook to share their story as it relates to the single "Ruined This Town" enabling them to connect and interact with other fans and share life struggles. I must admit, I have my own story or two on that subject that may enlighten others and prevent them from traveling the same path or at least bring them a smile or two knowing they are not alone. In any case, we all have that one story.

As Gannt explained how "Ruined This Town" came to life, you could see the gratitude in his eyes. This single was not intended to be more than a song he sang the demo for, but ultimately, God had other plans for Gannt and this song. With a lyric video for "Ruined This Town" out now, fans will be happy to know that the full music video is in production now and will be released soon. 

For now, please follow Gannt on social media and be sure to grab his debut EP Casa Blvd. ~Missy



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Lee Gantt Tour Dates

05/25/2024 : Private Event : New Lexington, OH
05/30/2024 : Flanagan's Pub: Blacklick, OH
05/31/2024 : JD Legends: Franklin, OH
06/01/2024 : Sand Bar Station: Delaware, OH
06/06/2024 : Keystone Pub & Patio Polaris: Columbus, OH
06/08/2024 : Winery at Porter Central: Sunbury, OH
06/13/2024 : Pizza Cottage: Buckeye Lake, OH
06/14/2024 : West Jefferson Uptown Friday N: West Jefferson, OH
06/15/2024 : Legends Sports Bar & Grill: Mount Vernon, OH
06/21/2024 : Neon Moon Saloon: Lima, OH
06/22/2024 : Papa Boo's: Thornville, OH
06/23/2024 : Buckeye Lake Winery: Thornville, OH
06/27/2024 : Flanagan's Pub: Blacklick, OH
06/28/2024 : Worthington Hills Country Club: Columbus, OH
07/01/2024 : Sportsterz Bar and Grill: Geneva, OH
07/05/2024 : Tequila Cowboy: Pittsburgh, PA
07/06/2024 : Tequila Cowboy: Pittsburgh, PA
07/12/2024 : West Church Social: Newark, OH
07/15/2024 : The Boathouse Bar and Grill: Put-in-bay, OH
07/16/2024 : The Boathouse Bar and Grill: Put-in-bay, OH
07/26/2024 : Bristol Republic: Columbus, OH
07/27/2024 : Trotter’s: New Lexington, OH
07/27/2024 : Cranberry Resort Waterfront Ba: Huntsville, OH
07/30/2024 : Flanagan's Pub: Blacklick, OH
07/31/2024 : Ohio State Fair - Gazebo Stage: Columbus, OH
08/01/2024 : Keystone Pub & Patio Polaris: Columbus, OH
08/02/2024 : Neon Moon Saloon: Lima, OH
08/04/2024 : Buckeye Lake Winery: Thornville, OH
08/09/2024 : Carroll Community Festival : Carroll, OH
08/10/2024 : Private Event : Buckeye Lake, OH
08/11/2024 : Pizza Cottage: Buckeye Lake, OH
08/12/2024 : The Grumpy Goat : Lockbourne, OH
08/13/2024 : Papa Boo's: Thornville, OH
08/17/2024 : Lola's Fresh Taqueria: Mount Vernon, OH
08/24/2024 : Utica Homecoming: Utica, OH
08/29/2024 : Flanagan's Pub: Blacklick, OH
08/31/2024 : Private Event : Sunbury, OH
09/06/2024 : Papa Boo's: Thornville, OH
09/08/2024 : Buckeye Lake Winery: Thornville, OH
09/10/2024 : Ten Mile Inn: Galloway, OH
09/15/2024 : Cranberry Resort Waterfront Ba: Huntsville, OH
09/26/2024 : Flanagan's Pub: Blacklick, OH
09/28/2024 : Double Barrel Kitchen & Bar: Westerville, OH
10/04/2024 : The Porch Carryout and Grill: Hillsboro, OH
10/13/2024 : LEHNER'S PUMPKIN FARM: Radnor, OH
10/18/2024 : The Grainery: Plain City, OH
10/19/2024 : Kick-N-Ax: Zanesville, OH
10/24/2024 : Flanagan's Pub: Blacklick, OH
11/08/2024 : Trotter’s: New Lexington, OH
11/09/2024 : Double Barrel Kitchen & Bar: Westerville, OH
12/13/2024 : The Grainery: Plain City, OH
12/28/2024 : Double Barrel Kitchen & Bar: Westerville, OH

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